Moerman Professional Window Cleaning Tools

Moerman, pioneers in window cleaning was created in 1885 and is since many years the world's leading manufacturer of double bladed moss rubber floor squeegees.

In recent years, Moerman has become a global player in the cleaning market with export to more than 75 countries worldwide. Continuous investments in state-of-the-art technology product development and innovation are, therefore, the main driving forces of the company.

Thanks to its highly automated plant in Belgium, its own modern production facility in China and its sales and warehouse division in the USA, Moerman is able to guarantee the delivery of reliable high quality products to its customers around the world.

Moerman is committed to continuous product development and market durable, innovative and competitive tools for floor cleaning, window cleaning, and wall cleaning always keeping in mind its motto "Moerman... Durability - Quality - Performance".
Moerman's window cleaning products respond to the EASE principles. Efficiency..Amazing Results...Safe... Ergonomics!

Moerman Window Cleaning Products

Moerman Standard NXT-R Rubber is an all-season rubber that can fit into any standard channel. XT-R is the perfect rubber for the best squeegees.

- All-season rubber for top performances
- Excellent performance and durability
- Fits in many different channels
- Perfect glide
- Excellent grip on all kind of windows
- Unique turquoise colour
- Each rubber inspected manually
- Made in Europe

With the choice of 5 sizes in Standard cut rubber, fits our Moerman stainless steel and aluminium channel: 25cm / 10”, 30cm / 12”, 35cm / 14”, 45cm / 18”, 55cm / 22”. Slide the NXT-R in your preferred channel and count how many more days this will last!

Get ready for sheer window cleaning pleasure with Moerman Standard NXT-R Rubber.

Moerman Liquidator NXT-R Rubber is the perfect rubber for the best squeegees. This all-season rubber from Moerman fits into the Liquidator channel.

- Perfect glide
- Excellent performance and durability
- All-season rubber for top performances
- Excellent grip on all kind of windows
- Unique turquoise colour
- Each rubber inspected manually
- Made in Europe

With the choice of 5 sizes in Original Liquidator cut rubber, fits our unique design of the Liquidator channel: 25cm / 10”, 30cm / 12”, 35cm / 14”, 45cm / 18”, 55cm / 22”

Slide the NXT-R in your preferred channel and count how many more days this will last!

Connects Vertigo Water Fed Pole Neck to Moerman Hand Tool Squeegee.

Moerman Drywalker Flex


Keeping legs dry while cleaning windows is possible with Moerman Drywalker Flex. Drywalker Flex is the Moerman ingenuity to succeed in not only creating the best conditions to keep your legs dry but also to properly organise your work gear.

- 100% dry leg system
- Realised in highly abrasion-resistant and lightweight materials.
- Easy slide locking system
- modular, detachable and water-proof.
- Lightweight: 470 gr / 16.5 oz
- Easy release slide buttons
- Accommodates most squeegees & applicators in the market.

The clever storage compartments in the Drywalker Flex combines practical and elegance in a contemporary design. This BOAB will keep your squeegees and applicators more accessible.

Customize your own Drywalker Flex, show off your wanderlust and share your adventures. The choice is yours: a double squeegee holder or squeegee holder with bucket.

For the ultimate experience you can also choose to wear two: one on each side and all your gear is at first hand!

Moerman Dr Angle - Angle Adapter

Moerman Dr Angle Adapter is the next generation adapter which allows professional cleaners flexibility to reach those hard to get areas while using extension pole.

-Simple angle adjustment.
- Universal fit, can be used on many poles.
- Wide angle range : -50° to +105° – designed to get to those hard-to-reach spaces.
- New Easy release button, makes changing your tools a lot faster.

Get your window cleaning tools at the right angle with the Moerman Dr. Angle that attaches to your extension pole.

Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Handle is easy to use stable and sculpted to fit comfortably in your hand. This is award-winning at the London Cleaning Show 2019 with the redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.

Why all window cleaners are talking about Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Handle?
- Extreme angle range: -20° | -5° | +10° | +25° | +40°
- Redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.
- New channel locking mechanism, more user-friendly and secure.
- Redesigned grip which allows for a more ergonomic hold.
- The negative angles and thinner jaw allow for easier closing out.
- Mount the channel without any risk of it falling out.
- Improved locking button to change your handle from a swivel to a fix tool.

What an innovative way to improve your window cleaning job! With Moerman Excelerator 2.0 handle, it can help you do that unreachable and nasty job in a considerably shorter period of time!
Moerman Carbonator Window Cleaning Extension Pole is light and easy to handle, making it perfect to reach the tightest spaces, created to work in the toughest areas with highest accuracy.  Carbonator, a high modules carbon pole with perfect torsion and bending resistance.

If you think precision window cleaning up to 7 meter height is impossible? Think again! The sky is the limit with the new Moerman Carbonator in traditional extension poles.

Any horizontal, vertical, overhead or hard to reach place that comes up – you’ll be able to get the job done in an efficient and safe way.

You can combine the Carbonator with Dr. Angle, Excelerator 2.0, F*LIQ and Liquidator 2.0 to create the ultimate power tool for window cleaning perfection!

Moerman Mono T-Bar features ergonomic handle, lightweight, strong 1 piece design with multiple cavities that increased water retention. Fastens securely to locking cone on extension pole.

Moerman Microfiber Sleeve has Premium Microfiber yarn which is preferred by professionals. Superior cleaning power, high water retention especially for those hot summer days and large window panes.

Machine washable, lint free, excellent dirt pick up. It comes with a nifty Scrubbing pad on the end for extra cleaning power. Double hook & loop fastener. You know you want it! Great match with Moerman Premium T- Bar

Moerman Pro Woven Standard Microfiber Sleeve is tough and durable. It has good cleaning power. It is machine washable. Double hook & loop fastener.

Available in 4 sizes: 15 cm/6”, 25 cm/10”, 35 cm/14”, and 45 cm/18”

Moerman Tool Holder for 2 squeegees and 1 washer. Accepts all brands up to 45 cm /18". Strong and durable, impact-resistant, left/right handed.

Ideal on ladders or for interior work. Clip lock for quick fastening. Limited swivel-stop. Reinforced ring - lasts longer.

Moerman Window Cleaners Buckets are heavy duty plastic bucket with volume indication. With this window cleaning supply, you can easily stash your 45cm/18"  T-bars, washers or squeegees, saving them from dripping all over the place.

Strong plastic with ergonomic handle. It is suitable for a variety of cleaning jobs. Available in 22 and 24L capacity. We have bucket accessories available for easier and more convenient cleaning.

Tool Holder Clips or wheels for the Moerman Window Cleaners Bucket. Note: Bucket not included - For display purposes

Moerman Pro Cobweb Duster is made of 100% goat hair - the best for removing dust and dirt. Easy to clean by rubbing or rinsing with water. Fastens securely to locking cone on extension pole with AMCE or U.S Thread ( as pictured). 

Bi-component handle made from Anti-slip material with Soft-touch. Ergonomic, Smooth surface, Secure grip, even when wet.  Dimensions: W340 x D100 x H360mm
Moerman Pipe Duster is made of 100% goat hair - the best for removing dust and dirt. Easy to clean by rubbing or rinsing with water. Fastens securely to locking cone on extension pole with AMCE or U.S Thread ( as pictured ).
Bi-component handle made from Anti-slip material with Soft-touch. Ergonomic, Smooth surface, Secure grip, even when wet.

Moerman Premium Scraper with Bi-component handle made from Anti-slip material. Soft-touch, Ergonomic Smooth surface. Secure grip, even when wet. 10 cm/4" wide scraping surface.

It is easy to use, no cap required. Unique blade change - no tools required.
Works with 10 cm/4" single (0.4 micron) or double-edge (0.2 micron) blades that are made of sharp, coated carbon steel. These replacement blades are available in a pack of 25.

Moerman Premium scraper is also available with handle in 30cm and 120cm.

Moerman Combinator 2.0 Window Cleaning Tool is a new improved, unique, innovative all-in-one squeegee and washer tool that is ergonomic, lightweight and versatile which can be configured in multiple ways. It is ideal for pole work, residential and store fronts.

With Moerman Combinator 2.0, it allows you to simply do a quick push and release to change between, washing and wiping the window.  In addition to that, with the same system, you can build a one-pass for the not-so-dirty-windows. In one streak you can  wash and wipe, just adjust to the situation and work more efficient.

- A more sturdy washer
- Easy push ‘n’ release button
- Flexible connection to the grip, always make the right contact angle with the window
- An ergonomic blind button whenever the washer isn’t used
- Removing the channel, even when the washer is still on its place
Moerman Excelerator Handle is a lightweight, ergonomically designed squeegee handle that has a super smooth swivel movement. It has 3 adaptable angles and full side to side swivel with optional swivel lock button.

You can simply choose what angle that gets you to the hard-to-reach spot. Add F*Liq Sleeve on the Liquidator 2.0 Channel with the Excelerator to make an ultimate squeegee (see related products below).

Ergonomically designed Excelerator2.0 Squeegee for comfortable, all-day use. One Flick between Mop and Squeegee. Moerman FLIQ Microfibre Sleeve is made from 100% high quality microfiber for superior water absorption, with high tear and wear resistance.

This microfibre sleeve makes traditional window cleaning much quicker as you can easily wash and wipe with one tool with a simple flick of the wrist. No additional tool required.

F*LIQ over is great for telepole use, F*LIQ under is great for hand use. Moerman FLIQ Microfibre Sleeve with clips available in 25cm/10" - 35cm/14" - 45cm/18".

Complete Assembly = Excelerator 2. Handle + FLIQ Sleeve + Liquidator 2.0 Channel and Rubber


Moerman Premium Snapper Handle, ergonomic, premium brushed stainless steel rust resistant, with soft grip for all day use. It releases spring for quick change for rubber replacement.

Moerman Premium Squeegee Handle is made from Anti-slip material. This Soft-touch window squeegee handle is Ergonomic. Light to carry with Smooth surface, Secure grip even when wet.

Rubbers are held in the channel with a release spring function for quick rubber replacement / channel adjustment. Premium brushed stainless steel for rust resistant. Fastens securely to locking cone on extension pole.

Moerman LIQUIDATOR 2.0 Squeegee Channel complete with DURA-FLEX™ soft rubber is an innovative lightweight aluminium squeegee channel with built in 'dog ear' that minimizes edge detailing for easy and precise handling.
This unique Liquidator 2.0 Channel lets you to wipe the window without detailing. 

It significantly reduces cloth prepping and detailing. It is easy to adjust channel & replace rubber. Available in 5 sizes - 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 45cm and 55cm.

Add F*Liq Sleeve on the Liquidator 2.0 Channel with the Excelerator to make an ultimate squeegee (see related products below).

Moerman Liquidator Swivel Pro Squeegee Handle is an ergonomic handle with pivoting head that allows the blade angle to be adjusted to work with odd-shaped windows.

Using this handle helps cleaning easy especially on hard-to-reach areas. It offers easy rubber replacement or channel adjustment. 

It can fit the Liquidator and Stainless Steel Channels (sold separately).

Adjusting forward angle is easy by clicking and also swivel left and right with the ability to lock in any position by turning the wheel. It can be put in two different angles: 0° and 40° by pushing the button.

Moerman Stainless Steel Handle, ergonomic handle, with premium brushed stainless steel head which prevents it from rusting. It has a unique release spring for a quick rubber or channel replacement.

Moerman Stainless Channels with premium brushed stainless steel, durable and lightweight. Complete with Dura-Flex rubber (you can choose either soft or hard rubber), the channels are notched to securely hold rubber and channel in place. Available in 25cm/10", 30cm/12", 35cm/14", and 45cm/18".

Moerman Brass Handle is made of solid brass construction with end clips for quick rubber replacement. Backplate with 2 screws which lock firmly onto channel.

Brass Channels with Dura-Flex soft rubber is used with this squeegee handle. The Rubber blade is secured in the channel by 2 clips at each end. Clips adjusting the tension of the rubber blade.

Moerman Aluminium Channels are lightweight, and comfortable to use. Notched channel to securely hold rubber and channel in place.

Premium aluminium Channel is durable, rust-resistant and complete with Dura-Flex® rubber. Available in different sizes: 15cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 45cm and 55cm.

Moerman Liquidator with Dura-flex Rubber is precision cut at 45º angle to fit the Liquidator channel. The 45º cut allows for a cleaner finish with less water residue and less touching up afterwards.
Replacement premium soft DURA-FLEX® rubber for Moerman® Liquidator Channel. It is easy to adjust and replace rubber. It reduces cloth prepping and detailing significantly. Available in 5 sizes: 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, and 45cm and 55cm. You can choose either soft or hard rubber.

*Available in Durafill box = 20 rubbers). The Original LIQUIDATOR rubber in a handy box to hang or store for on the road.

Moerman Dura-Flex Rubber is made with premium quality rubber, ensuring a streak-free finish, available in soft rubber or hard rubber. It lasts longer, and is available in different dimensions.

Moerman Bi-Component (Premium) T-Bar is rigidly made from Anti-slip material with a Soft-touch Ergonomic Smooth surface. Secure grip even when wet Multiple cavities - increased water retention.

Fastens securely to locking cone on extension pole. Available in 25cm/10", 35cm/14" and 45cm/18".

Moerman Silver Microfiber Sleeve has the perfect cleaning power. It has a good water retention. Machine Washable.

Lint Free. Good dirt pick-up. Scrubbing pad extra cleaning power.
Available in 25 cm/10", 35 cm/14", and 45 cm/18"

Moerman – Swivel T-Bar swivels and locks in any position by turning the wheel. Multiple cavities – increased water retention. Ergonomic handle. Easy cleaning of hard-to-reach spots. Fastens securely to locking cone on extension handle.

Available sizes: 25cm, 35cm, 45cm. Compatible with: Microfiber Sleeve – 17760, 17761, 17762. All accessories are sold separately.

Moerman Pocket Scraper is helpful in removing stickers, tape, paint and stubborn dirt quickly from the window. Its easy release feature makes changing blades easy.

It has a special safety locking mechanism that secures blade when in use. Aside from that, its size is super convenient to hold with an ergonomic rubber cover. It works with 3.8cm/1.5 blades.
Available replacement blades in a handy dispenser pack of 5.

Moerman Telescopic Extension Poles feature a strong, lightweight with an improved design of locking parts for a better grip, and a tip that can easily fit to click all Moerman Window Cleaning Tools. This extension pole works great for window cleaning, high reach dusting, painting.

It is also tapered and has an ACME-thread at the end, to make it compatible with most other brands of tools such as paint rollers.  It's sturdy even at it's full extension and is easy to grip and hold on to. The pole is easy to extend and retract and can be done in seconds.

Don't take too many risks, avoid using ladders when possible in cleaning high areas with Moerman telescopic extension pole. It's worth the money.

Available in 2-section (1.2m/4 feet), 3-section (3m/10 feet), or 4-section (5m/16ft and 9m/30 feet).

Moerman Click and Scrub Pad can fit easily to Moerman T-bar designed for extra scrubbing power which is a great way to clean large panes of glass. Non-woven pad loosens and lifts soils. Scrub without lifting washer from glass.

Simply, put it before putting the sleeve onto the T-bar.

Moerman Scrubbing Pad Sleeve has a good cleaning power due to its rough blue textured abrasive cleaning pad. Tough and durable plus machine washable, you can use it several times. Effective in removing dirt on your windows.

This scrubbing pad sleeve has double hook & loop fastener. It is available in 3 sizes: 25cm, 35cm and 45cm.

Dropping window cleaning tools from heights can be avoided with the use of Moerman Connector.  This velcro strap for wrist helps secure attachment for poles, tools and accessories.  You can use either the carabiner hook or the strap to attach the tools.

This connector is ideal when working on ladders.

Are you looking for ways on how to fill your bucket with water conveniently while minimizing mess and spills? Moerman Aquafill Kit features a bucket filling hose and connector that allows the user to easily fill their bucket from any standard tap.

Avoid spills on your floors, stairs or walls with this super handy tool in filling containers. No more heavy lifting. You can enjoy free-hands filling.  The kit has bucket clip that securely holds the hose in place when filling. The elastic faucet  strap is easy to mount and remove to any standard tap.
Increase productivity with the use of Moerman Window Cleaners Bucket (sold separately).

Moerman Angle Adapter

Moerman Angle Adapter fits perfectly on the Moerman extension poles and telescopic handles for easy cleaning of hard to reach places. It is strong and lightweight. Easy grip wheel Swivels and blocks in any position by turning the wheel.
- Strong and lightweight.
- ProClean tools can securely be placed on the cone with the click-system.
- Easy On - Easy Off         
- easy to use

Moerman Universal Cone

Moerman Universal Cone which can fit any extension poles and most other poles make it possible to use all the EASE systems in Moerman window cleaning tools range.
Moerman Universal Cone features:
- easy on- easy off click system
- strong and lightweight
- easy grip wheel
- swivels and blocks any position
Moerman Pro Grabber is a great handy tool to have around the house, garden or work place that helps you to grab items easily and conveniently either high or low surfaces. This comfortable, ergonomic grip pistol can remove litter easily from the ground surface without bending over.
It has a soft grip jaw pivots 90° to allow grabbing for vertical or horizontal items. Its soft grip jaw can even pick up a dime off a flat surface. Its thin design allows you to store this picking tool conveniently.  90cm / 36" rust-proof anodized aluminium.

Have the ultra hand comfort and protection against cold weather with our waterproof Moerman Neoprene Gloves. You can adjust to the desired fit with its adjustable hook and loop fastener for a better secure fit. This neoprene gloves is designed to protect your hands when working with telescopic poles.

Moerman Neoprene Gloves is available in small and extra large sizes.

Moerman Squeegee Handle Scraper is a glass scraper in stainless steel holder. It is effective in removing coatings, paint and stickers.

Available double edged replacement blades 0.2 mm (25pcs/dispenser).

Moerman Chammy is 100% natural product, long lasting with high absorption which is 5 x its own weight. This chamois leather is of premium quality specially developed for professional window cleaners.

 Packed with a header card and a protection foil and with a clear markation of the size.

Moerman Blue Side Kit Pouch is water resistant with 3 compartments and a bottle holder to stock all the window cleaning essentials by your side making work efficient. It can hold a detergent bottle, and can separate dry and wet cloths to avoid contamination.

It features belt clips for easy on/off, and magnetic strip for easy opening and closing.

Moerman Squeeze Deluxe is a ready to use, super concentrated detergent for washing windows. It is specially developed for the professional window washer. It features a unique cap and composition with a pleasant smell to apply directly onto your sleeve.

Moerman Experience Toolbox features the new Snapper Squeegee Handle, designed with comfort and precise handling in mind. This limited-edition kit includes the exclusive Snapper Handle, and two Liquidator 2.0 Channels, 10" and 14".

Save time with this lightweight squeegee that works to reach into corners and edges to remove water residue so you can cut back on detailing with a towel.
i-Suit Ergonomic Harness is designed to wash windows without the struggle. This is a revolutionary way of window washing relieving the user at least 50% of physical strain during their work. No more shoulder injuries and back pain while washing the windows, day-in, day-out.
This helps in increasing the productivity of workers, working ergonomically and responsibly, and decreasing physical strain. It may assist with long term Window Cleaning Procedures and Large Water Fed Poles. Surely, I-suit is an eye catching innovation changing the way window washing is done forever.