Moerman Telescopic Extension Poles

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Moerman Telescopic Extension Poles feature a strong, lightweight with an improved design of locking parts for a better grip, and a tip that can easily fit to click all Moerman Window Cleaning Tools. This extension pole works great for window cleaning, high reach dusting, painting.

Locking Cones
- secure locking mechanism
- strong and durable
- lightweight
Bi-component handle
- anti-slip material
- secure grip even when wet

Locking Parts Pole:
- improved design
- better lock and grip
- quality aluminium pole
It is also tapered and has an ACME-thread at the end, to make it compatible with most other brands of tools such as paint rollers.  It's sturdy even at it's full extension and is easy to grip and hold on to. The pole is easy to extend and retract and can be done in seconds.

Don't take too many risks, avoid using ladders when possible in cleaning high areas with Moerman telescopic extension pole. It's worth the money.

Available in 2-section (1.2m/4 feet), 3-section (3m/10 feet), or 4-section (5m/16ft and 9m/30 feet).