Taski Floor Care Machines

TASKI Floor Care Machines by Diversey are unique, leading-edge machines use eco-friendly cleaning solutions which deliver cost effective and superior results every time. From vacuum cleaners, single disc machines, auto scrubbers to robotic cleaning, Taski cleaning machines provide an unparalleled level of performance across a range of floorcare applications.

Taski Vento 8 and 15 Dry Vacuum Cleaner Spares and Accessories

Taski Swingo 855 B Power Medium Walk Behind Auto Scrubber Drier

Taski swingo 855 B scrubber drier is an agile machine, which is easy to handle while offering increased productivity due to its wide working width.

Taski Procarpet 30 2-in-1 Carpet Extraction Encapsulation Machine

TASKI procarpet 30 – Medium 2in1 dual carpet extraction/encapsulation machine for heavy duty cleaning of carpets .

Taski Swingo 250 Micro Small Compact Auto Scrubber

The TASKI swingo 250 Micro is a real breakthrough in floor cleaning excellence. The swingo 250 Micro is a brilliant replacement for mopping, delivering scrubber drier performance with the convenience, ease, and simplicity of a mop. Now everyone can achieve a professional floor cleaning result.

Taski Intellidose Chemical Dilution Control Dosing System

You can achieve consistent high cleaning results, control your costs and simplify your scrubber driers operation with Taski Intellidose Chemical Dilution System.


Taski Swingobot 2000 Scrubber Drier for Hard Surfaces

Cleaning just got easier with Taski Swingobot 2000 Scrubber Drier for both rough and tiled floors as well as vinyl that reaches at least 25% more productivity than its robotic predecessor Taski Swingobot 1650. It is the best class robotic solution, with a combination of Intelligent solutions and the latest technologies available on the cleaning market.


Taski Aero 8/15 Plus Vacuum Cleaners

Looking for highly efficient and ultra-low noice Vacuum Cleaner? Taski Aero 8/15 Plus Tub Vacuum Cleaners use a 585W state-of-the-art vacuum motor,which delivers the same cleaning performance as vacuums with 900W or more.


Taski Swingo 5000 Ride-On Battery Powered Auto Scrubber Drier

Taski Swingo 5000, a large ride-on battery driven scrubber driver with a patented Intelliflow system. It ensures always the right amount of cleaning solution on the floor and leads to significant water savings.


Taski Swingo XP-R Stand on Battery Driven Auto Scrubber Drier

Taski Swingo XP-R stand on battery operated auto scrubber drier with round disc provides cleaning for customers requiring intensive heavy duty cleaning. It delivers the comfort of stand-on cleaning with unmatched visibility around the machine.


Taski Swingo 2100 Micro Ride-on Battery Operated Auto Scubber Drier

TASKI swingo 2100μicro micro ride on battery powered scrubber drier combines compact design with an unchallenged performance and high flexibility for operations beyond traditional boundaries.


Taski Swingo 1650B BMS Battery Powered Auto Scrubber Drier

Taski 1650B BMS is a large walk-behind 26 inch (65 cm) auto scrubbers provide long run times and brushes that perfectly follow the floor profile for outstanding soil removal.


Taski Swingo 1255B Battery Powered Walk-behind Auto Scrubber Drier

Taski Swingo 1255B BMS is a walk-behind 22 inch (55 cm) auto scrubber, ideally sized for performance, features offset brushes for superior cleaning along walls and under racks.

Taski Swingo 755B Battery Powered Auto Scrubber Drier

Taski Swingo 755B is a battery operated walk-behind 17 inch (43 cm) auto scrubber drier offers maximum agility in confined areas with a dual-axle system that allows the machine to literally turn on the spot.


Taski Swingo 455B Battery Driven Medium Scrubber Drier

Taski Swingo 455B is a compact battery operated medium scrubber drier which can be used in all types of small or congested hard floor areas such as hospitals, schools, retail stores and kitchens.

Taski Swingo 150E Automatic Upright Scrubber Drier

Taski Swingo 150E is an ultra-compact 13 inch (33 cm)automatic upright scrubber features a lightweight, compact design perfect for easy, quick cleanup in confined areas.

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Taski Ergodisc 2000 Ultra High Speed Burnisher

Taski Ergodisc 2000 is an easy to use and simple ultra-high speed burnisher with excellent dust retention.  It is especially suited for burnishing and stands for proven high quality.


Taski Procarpet 45 Carpet Extractor and Encapsulator

Taski Procarpet 45, a carpet extractor with encapsulation capability which delivers the powerful cleaning performance you expect. Brushes to be ordered separately.


TASKI Swingo 350 E and 350 B Ultra-Compact Auto Scrubbers

Taski Swingo 350 is an ultra-compact 15 inch (38 cm) auto scrubber which is designed with a low machine profile and a handle that folds backwards for easy access under tables or racks. Available in Electric or Li-ion battery.


Taski Vacumat 22 Cord Electric Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Taski Vacumat 22 Cord electric wet/dry vacuum cleaner designed for multi-functional use for any type of dry vacuuming on hard and soft floors, as well as for basic wet cleaning in combination with TASKI single disc machines for spillage cleaning, or day-to-day cleaning.


Taski Aquamat Carpet Extraction Machine

Taski Aquamat is a compact spray extraction machine with excellent deep cleaning results, and fast and effective spot cleaning.


TASKI Jet 38 and 50 Upright Vacuum Cleaners

TASKI Jet 38 and 50 are professional upright 15 inch (38 cm) and 20 inch (50 cm) vacuum cleaners are engineered with dual motor systems, providing high suction power and efficient cleaning.


Taski Vento 8S and 15S Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Taski Vento 8S and 15S are corded electric canister dry vacuum cleaners designed for maximum maneuverability and stability while enhancing air quality via an industry-leading filtration system.


TASKI Ergodisc 400 Single Dish High Speed Polisher

Taski Ergodisc 400 is a multi-purpose, cost-efficient machine that is especially suited for spray cleaning and buffing. High speed (400rpm) single-disc polisher.


TASKI® Ergodisc® 165 Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

Taski Ergodisc 165 is a low speed (165rpm) single disc machine that is versatile and is adaptable for multiple cleaning tasks.