Vinyl Floors

You'll find vinyl floors in a wide range of different environments, and they all need to be managed in different ways. From the floors in your kitchen, to big expensive department stores, to supermarkets, to childcare centres - We have the products you need to create a long lasting, hard wearing and good looking finish!

Cleaners - Select this category if you're looking for products for routine maintenance and general cleaning.

Sealers - Select this category if you need a product to protect your vinyl floors or bring back that new floor shine.

Strippers - Select this category if you need to strip back old layers of sealer to start fresh with new coats.

Base Sealers - Select this category if you're planning on sealing a porous vinyl floor and need to pre seal.

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Reveal JF Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 2x2.5L

Reveal JF Heavy duty floor cleaner for ultra high speed floor floor finish and multi-use applications, JFILL.
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Reveal Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5L

Reveal Heavy duty floor cleaner specifically designed for use in UHS
floor care programs.
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Diverfloor Alkaline Floor Cleaner 5L

Alkaline floor cleaner formulated for cleaning heavy duty grease and oils.
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Septone Mop 'n' Scrub Floor Cleaner

Septone Mop & Scrub no rinse cleaner is designed for cleaning lightly soiled sealed or unsealed floors and contains a pleasant floral fragrance.