3M™ TroubleShooter™ Baseboard Stripper - Polish and Build Up Remover 600g

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3M™ TroubleShooter™ Baseboard Stripper is a ready-to-use, heavy-duty cleaner packaged in an aerosol container. It is designed to remove heavy soils, wax, and floor finish buildup from hard surfaces.

Special Features
- Thick white foam clings to vertical surfaces and resists dripping
- Aggressive formula penetrates and loosens build-up quickly and thoroughly
- No rinsing or neutralizing needed.

- For use on baseboards, floor edges, corners, stairways and ceramic tile
- Convenient aerosol spray can be used in tough to reach areas
Note:  Not for use on painted surfaces or old asphalt tile – immediately wipe off any

General Use Directions
1. Shake can well.
2. Hold can upside down and spray 6-  10 inches from surface. Cover the soiled area with
a thin, even coat.
3. If any overspray onto other surfaces occurs, wipe off immediately.
4. Wait 3-5 minutes (or longer where there is severe buildup).
5. Wet-scrub the surface using a 3M™ Doodlebug™ Pad Holder 6472 fitted with a 3M™ Doodlebug™ Brown
Scrub ’n Strip Pad 8541, 3M™ Doodlebug™ Hi Pro Pad 8550, or a similar product.
6. For uneven surfaces (e.g.,  grout,  brick or door jambs), use a 3M™ General Purpose Brush 4020
with a 3M™ Doodlebug™ Handblock Pad Holder 6473.
7. Rinse surface with clean warm water.
Note:  Prior to use, clean a small, inconspicuous area. Note any change in color or texture, particularly on old tile
floors. Do not apply to painted surfaces. If unacceptable abrasion or scratching occurs, use a less aggressive pad.

NOTE: Refer to product 10-2818-2 for specific  health hazard, first aid and precautionary information.

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