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High performance stripper for tough to remove sealers &
finishes - low VOC.
It contains no butyl and employs Low VOC technology, making it an excellent choice for your sustainable facility care program.

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High performance stripper for tough to remove sealers &
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Non-ammoniated alkaline stripper for removing floor sealers and finishes from hard and resilient floors.
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Diversey Floor Stripper for metalised & non metalized floor sealers & finishes. A deep penetrating non-ammoniated stripper for resilient floors and stone floors.

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Booster stripper to enhance the performance of water based strippers.
High solvent content gives rapid bite in and deep penetration to make the job stripping as time effective as possible.

Xpoly8 High Performance Floor Stripper 5L

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Xpoly8 High Performance Floor Stripper is a low odour, fast acting and labour saving method for removing floor sealers/finishes with a minimum of scrubbing.

 It is a new generation high performance floor stripper designed to rapidly liquefy and emulsify old sealers for easy removal with an auto-scrubber or mop and bucket. It is a powerful dual action floor stripper designed to remove metalised and non-metalised floor finishes.

This floor stripper is available in 5L bottles.

BENEFITS of Xpoly8 Floor Stripper:
• Liquefies old sealers on contact
• High performance floor stripper
• Fast acting therefore saving time
• Effective on most types of flooring

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Heavy duty rinse free floor stripper designed easy removal of metal crosslinked sealer finishes with minimal labour.

It emulsifies old and discoloured finishes quickly and efficiently. Unique stay wet feature of the product enables larger areas to be stripped without drying out. It is safe to use on all resilient floors. Dilutes with water for economical use. Not recommended for use on sealed timber.

Lazer Super must not be used to remove sealer finishes from sealed timber floors as it may affect the timber seal, requiring sanding to rectify the floor. It is 100% volatile and therefore does not leave chemicals on the floor that could affect seals or finishes that are to be applied after stripping.
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Safeseal Stripper Aromatic stripping solvent formulated for the removal of solved based acrylic sealers. Use on unglazed terracotta, terrazzo, concrete, brick and slate flooring.

It is a highly volatile highly flammable solvent stripper. Available in 10L and 205L.

NOTE: Do not use on vinyl or timber surfaces
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3M™ TroubleShooter™ Baseboard Stripper is a ready-to-use, heavy-duty cleaner packaged in an aerosol container. It is designed to remove heavy soils, wax, and floor finish buildup from hard surfaces.
Special Features
- Thick white foam clings to vertical surfaces and resists dripping
- Aggressive formula penetrates and loosens build-up quickly and thoroughly
- No rinsing or neutralizing needed.