Actichem Grout Restore 20 and 60 Potentiated Phosphoric Acid Cleaner

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Grout Restore 20 & 60 Potentiated Phosphoric Acid Cleaner. It is ideal for use in conjunction with professional hard surface cleaning equipment.

It can be used anywhere where there are dirty tiles.  Its powerful blend of acids and penetrating agents provide tough action on general grime and is excellent for grout restoration. These detergent boosted solutions are effective and economical remover of cement and grout residues, mineral scale build-ups and efflorescence.

Available in 5 and 15 litres.

It is available as 20% or 60% active phosphoric acid for the effect and economical removal of cement and grout residues, mineral scale build ups and efflorescence. It includes super wetting agents and emulsifiers. It’s powerful blend of acids and penetrating agents provide tough action on general grime and is perfect for grout restoration.

Ideal applications:

ideally suited for use on masonry surfaces, flooring and walls. Safe for use on all man-made tiles. Use with care on sandstone, quarry tiles, terracotta, grout and slate. Not recommended for use on acid sensitive surfaces including engineered stone, terrazzo, marble, limestone, granite and other natural stone. Avoid contact with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet before use

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location before use to check for chemical sensitivity.

 Floor Surfaces:
No dilution required
Apply Tile & Grout Cream directly to the affected area.
Scrub thoroughly using a slow speed scrubber fitted with an applicable nylon pad or brush.
Allow 10 to 20 minutes dwell time for penetration, dissolving and lifting of oily soils or wax films.
Scrub and rinse well with clean water or detergent solution.
Vertical Surfaces:
No dilution required
This thickened nature of Tile & Grout Cream means it can be used for removing wax films, grout haze, oil, grease, paint, and graffiti off vertical surfaces.
Apply directly to the surface or onto a nylon (non-scratch) scouring pad.
Spread over the surface and agitate.
Allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time.
Scrub / agitate and rinse well with clean water.
Alternatively; apply the relevant cleaning solution to the floor area concerned and sprinkle sufficient Actisorb onto the area to form a slurry. Agitate using a low-speed scrubber using a red pad or brush. Extract the slurry and rinse well with water.