ROETECH 106PS Bacterial Cultures for Waste Water Treatment

Air-O-Paks are water soluble packets of highly concentrated RoeTech bacteria culture designed for use in aerated septic systems, (ATU’s), package systems and other aerated wastewater systems.

Trap-Sak Solid Grease Trap Treatment

A cylindrical shaped solid designed to be hung in a grease trap, large drain line or pump chamber.

Grease Destroyer Bacterial Grease Treatment for All Grease Traps

Grease Destroyer (Preventive Care) is a bacterial product containing advanced biological technology specially formulated to eliminate odours and digest fat, oil and grease (FOG) in grease trap and grease collection systems. Grease Destroyer is ideal for use in the institutional food and service hospitality industries.

Standard Grease Destroyer - Natural Degreaser

Designed for application to various types of sewage and wastewater systems where large amounts of food oils and grease occur.

Septic System Cleaner - Septic Tank Emergency Care Treatment

Septic System Cleaner cleans sluggish septic tanks, cesspools, drywells and drain fields. K-57 is powerful enough to act quickly in emergency situations where sluggish conditions, clogs surface water accumulations or back-ups have occurred.


Septic Tank Treatment - Sewage Treatment

Septic Tank Treatment is an aqueous suspension of non-pathogenic bacteria selected for their ability to liquefy and digest domestic sewage.


Bio Cleaner™ Eco-Friendly Multipurpose Cleaner with Deodorizer

Bio Cleaner™ Multipurpose Cleaner with Deodorizer is 100% chemical free, the best multipurpose and ready to use cleaner you will ever need everywhere at home for more effective, cleaner, quicker and easier cleaning. It is used for digesting any organic matter such as grease, grime, dirt, soap scum.


Mainline Cleaner | Main Sewer Lines Cleaner

Bio Natural Solutions Mainline Cleaner is an economical and effective solution in reducing sewage build up in all types of main and sewer lines leading to septic tanks without using harsh and aggressive chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Biological Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kit

Cleaning a carpet can be tough when we don't know how to do it and when we don't have the right product to use. Eco-Friendly Biological Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Kit is the solution - it offers 100% chemical free, safe and effective carpet cleaning.
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Wee Off Pet Starter Kit - Stain and Odour Remover Kit

If you want to get out of trouble in dealing with pet accidents, Wee Off Pet Starter Kit is the answer.

Bio Natural Wee Off UV Torch | Urine Detector

Wee Off UV Blacklight is designed to make invisible urine deposits easy to find. Focused beam reaches up to 1.5m. It comes with batteries. Low power usage for long battery life.

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Wee Off UV Hand Light | Urine Detector

Reliable and impact resistant urine detector - helps you find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye.

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Bio Nozzle Electric Sprayer

Bio Nozzle is an electric sprayer that fits onto the 4L Bottle of Wee Off just to make it easier for you to spray larger areas. The Bio Nozzle will make spraying a piece of cake, by simply pressing the trigger.

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Stink Off Pet Grooming Wipes

Stink Off™ Pet Grooming Wipes are an easy, convenient, very afforable, natural way of cleaning your pet. This best pet grooming wipes will clean and deodorize your dog or kitten without you having to give him a full bath.

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Wee Off Stain and Odour Remover Microfibre Cleaning Wipes

Wee Off™ Stain and Odour Microfibre Wipes are a natural way of cleaning any spills, urine, blood, vomit, coffee, wine and food for nearly all soft and hard surfaces. It can be used to sanitise and deodorise sanitary units, the application will last for a few days.

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Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Kit

Bio Natural Solutions Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Kit contains all the essential cleaning products to keep house clean, fresh and green. It is a perfect alternative to conventional and traditional household cleaning products.

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Spew Off Emergency Clean-up Super Absorbent Powder

Spew Off Super Emergency Clean-up Super Absorbent Powder is designed to remove and clean up organic spills such as vomit, blood, food and drinks. The powerful formula in powder form can absorb up to 400 times its original volume. It is fast acting and very useful for the solidification of spills.

Spew Off Emergency Spills Remover Kit

Spew Off Emergency Spills Remover Kit is a cleaning kit designed to remove and clean up organic spills such as vomit, blood, food and drinks.

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Shower Blitz™ Wet Spray and Walk Away Eco-Friendly Shower Cleaner

Cleaning your shower is made easy with Shower Blitz™ Wet Spray and Walk Away! This shower cleaner is completely environmentally friendly and 100% Chemical Free!

Bio Wipes Eco-Friendly Multi-purpose Microfibre Wipes

Bio Wipes Multi-purpose Microfibre Wipes are easy to use, eco-friendly wet wipes that clean and deodorise, an alternative to most cleaning wipes. It can be used on most surfaces.

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