Natural and Green Cleaning Products

Complete range of Natural Cleaning Products, Green Cleaning, Chemical Free Cleaning and Eco Friendly Cleaning Products.

Do you just love mother earth? Do you have a green thumb? Or maybe you just have children and pets running around and don't want any dangerous chemicals in the house!

Whatever the case, we hear you! That's why we stock an excellent range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, made by people like you, for people like you!

All our green cleaning products have the following features -

- They are all biodegradable.
- They are all safe to use in the environment.
- They are all excellent cleaners.
- They are all non-hazardous.
- They are all phosphate free.
- They are all chlorine free.
- They are not tested on animals.
- They are all made in Australia!

Our two main natural cleaning product suppliers are Citrus Recourses and EarthSmart, with a newer range developed by Actichem which has the GEKA Tick of approval.

In 1992, Citrus Resources got a whole bunch of super smart scientist guys together in the one room and asked them to unleash the power of citrus. And didn't they do an excellent job! The result was a range of cleaning products that are all natural and incredibly effective. It's hard to believe that such powerful cleaning products can be born out of something as simple as your orange peel, yet it's the truth! The Citrus Resources range is one of our best sellers here at Cleaners Supermarket and has become a staple item in many homes across Australia.

When EarthSmart took a look at many of the other "green cleaning" on market, they were dissatisfied on what was passing as "green". EarthSmart believe for a product to be fully environmentally friendly, the entire product life cycle must meet certain standards. Everything from manufacturing, packaging and disposal needs to be kind to mother earth. Such a wholeistic view brought about a brilliant range of cleaners in which you can be confident you'll get a spotless clean and you're doing the environment no harm.