Wee Off Pet Starter Kit - Stain and Odour Remover Kit

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If you want to get out of trouble in dealing with pet accidents, Wee Off Pet Starter Kit is the answer.

This Wee Urine Remover Kit helps treat and eliminate urine stains and odours inside your house or on the carpet. It contains the spot on products for the treatment pet urine accidents. Available in large and small kits.

What does Urine Remover Kit contain?

Wee Off Urine Stains & Odour Remover: Natural way of removing pet urine stains and odours from hard and soft surfaces. Wee Off works by releasing fast acting bacteria that penetrate most hard and soft surfaces to source out and digest the culprit of pet stains and odour. Wee Off also digests any kind of organic matter such as blood, vomit, saliva, etc.

Bio Cleaner: Multipurpose Cleaner formulated with beneficial bacteria that digest any dirt such as grease, grime, soap scum and cleans away dust, making cleaning quicker, easier and more effective. This product keeps cleaning upon application. You can use it prior application of the Wee Off to remove any chemical residue or post application to give it a good go.

Wee Off Urine Detector UV Light: Locates hard to find urine stains that are invisible to the naked eye. Pimp out stains with Wee Off torch for easy removal and treatment of urine residue and then treat urine with Wee Off. Wee Off is the only Australian product created from natural bacteria for commercial and household use.

Small Pet Kit contains:

1 x Wee Off™ 750mL
1 x Stink Off™ Wipes
1 x Wee Off™ 12 Led Urine Detector*    
Large Pet Kit contains:

1 x Wee Off™ 4L
1 x Stink Off™ Wipes
1 x Wee Off™ 12 Led Urine Detector*
1 x Electric Bio Nozzle

*Batteries included