Bio Cleaner Multi Purpose Cleaner

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Bio Cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner which is specifically formulated for more effective, cleaner, quicker and easier cleaning. It is used for digesting any organic matter such as grease, grime, dirt, soap scum.

Its friendly bacteria keeps working upon applications. For optimum results, multipurpose cleaner is most effective when you give it more time to break down organic waste. Use Bio Cleaner with new microfiber cloths and mop heads. DO NOT MIX with CHEMICALS.


- Safe, environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
- Truly Biological
- 100% Chemical Free
- Keeps cleaning upon application
- Australian Owned & Made
- Removes offensive odors
- Reduces blockages 
- Protects fancy tap ware
- Non- hazardous formula
- Septic Tank safe
- Reduces your carbon footprint
- Does not have any DG classification
- Saves you cleaning time
- Have 2 years shelf life

Suitable for
- Spray & Wipe
- Washrooms and vanities
- Bathrooms and sinks
- Laundries
- Kitchens
- Showers
- Mirrors and glass
- Urinals, toilets and waterless urinals
- Floors and drains
- Ovens and BBQs
- Wall tiles and ceramic floors
- Wheelie bins rubbish bins
- Change rooms