Small (500ml)

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Multipurpose Modular Soap Dispenser - Pumice, Liquid Lotion or Foam Soap Dispenser

Modular Soap Dispensers are simple, neat, practical, easy to operate and to maintain dispensers which act  as a unique, cost effective partner for hygiene with a multitude of variations. These attractive, sleek and stylish dispensers are made out of of robust white ABS plastic, the dispensers suit every hygiene point in environments.


Tork Foam Soap Dispenser S4

Tork Dispenser Soap Foam Black S4 fastest dispenser to load; refill changes take only three seconds.Easiest  to dispense due to unique low push force.Part of the award winning fully co-ordinated Tork Elevation washroom dispenser range.


Tork Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser S2

Tork Dispenser Soap Liquid Mini S2 White is ideal for compact spaces and delivers 475 doses per cartridge.Sealed cartridges with single use pump ensure no bacteria build up.Part of the award winning fully co-ordinated Tork Elevation washroom dispenser range.


Gojo ADX Manual Foam Soap Dispensers

Gojo ADX Manual Foam Soap Dispenser has a compact design which is ideal for tight spaces. It utilises foaming formulations and provides a thorough, rich wash with one actuation. Its sight window makes refill monitoring at a glance and easy.


Gojo LTX Touch Free Foam Soap Dispensers

Gojo LTX Touch Free Foam Soap Dispensers are compact sleek dispensing system with high capacity output. It has a sight window which makes it easy to check refill level. It uses smart, trouble free electronics to optimize energy use. Suitable with Gojo LTX 700ml refills.