Whirl-a-way Surface Cleaner

The "Whirl-a-Way" flat surface cleaner is a powerful and reliable tool to decrease the cleaning time of professional contractors. Our units are used for high pressure cleaning of driveways, concrete floors, parking lots, factory/workshop floors and much more. The benefits of using a Whirl-a-Way are clear: effective, shorter working times, enormous energy savings and a long useful machine life due to our quality. You will be able to complete your pressure cleaning tasks in the shortest possible amount of time.

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The Whirlaway is your powerful solution to flat surface cleaning.

Benefiting from highly professional specifications, the Whirlaway is an indispensable partner for cleaning contractors, hire shops, garages, schools, local authorities and anyone with a flat surface cleaning problem.

The Whirlaway can be used with cold or hot water, with pressures up to 240 bar - More than enough to tackle dirt and stains from the filthiest court to the dullest driveway, leaving a uniformly clean surface every time.

With the ability to clean up to 20 square meters per minute, the Whirlaway's operator friendly design drastically reduces fatigue and increases productivity, saving up to 80% on labor costs.

Operating a Whirlaway is as simple as using a lawnmower. Simply connect it to the high pressure hose in your pressure washer, and away you go. And when the job is done, packing up and carrying away couldn't be easier, fitting easily in a normal car boot.

So what makes the Whirlaway so fast and efficient?

The secret is in the Whirlaway's remarkable, high-tec, engineering features - A specially designed rotary head and angled nozzle system, which combine to provide a powerful cleaning spray. The Whirlaway's immensely strong, yet lightweight cover is designed to protect the operator and reduce over spray, whilst allowing dirty water and debris to escape quickly, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning job.

To achieve the best possible results on a wide range of surfaces, the Whirlaway is fitted with an adjustable main swivel head and castor wheels which allows the rotary arm to be set at optimum cleaning height. The main swivel is easily raised or lowered and the castor wheels can be individually adjusted.

On units with nylon skirts the hight adjustment is achieved by the swivel height alone. The swivel head and castors are fitted with grease nipples.

18 and  20, 22 and 24 inch Whirlaway's are fitted with castors and mainly intended for use on large flat surfaces, such as shopping malls, tennis courts etc.

The 16 and 20 inch skirting units are generally recommended for jettys, decking and other uneven surfaces.

The Whirlaway is the ultimate flat surface pressure cleaning system.