Large (2000ml)

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Dispenser Shower 2ltr

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2 Litre cleanse light dispenser

Deb Stoko Cleanse Heavy 2000

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For use with Cleanse Heavy 2 Litre cartridges.

Deb Stoko Cleanse Ultra 2000

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Ultra 2Ltr Dispenser.

Ideal for heavy industrial and general & light industrial.

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Deb Ultra Wash 2L

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Oxybac Manual dispenser available in 1 and 2 litres capacity

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Its diamond-plate design connects with workers. This rugged dispenser stands up to the toughest conditions. Its refills are SANITARY SEALED™ to prevent germs from contaminating the product.
Simple, convenient push-bar actuation. It has a large sight window that clearly displays product level. Lifetime Guarantee. This dispenser is ideal for distribution, warehouse, labs, restrooms, and production areas.