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Over 1 Litre sized bulk fill soap dispensers, available from Cleaners Supermarket PH:1300 659 518
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Gojo NXT Maximum Capacity Bladder Bag Dispenser holds 2000 mL of lotion soap or shower soap -- twice the capacity of traditional dispensers of similar size. Helps ensure that employees, guests and tenants will not run out of product.

Requires refilling half as often, saving time and money. Ideal for high-traffic, high-volume locations where frequent servicing is difficult or impractical. ADA compliant, one-hand push operation.

Betasan Liquid or Foam Soap Dispensers

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Betasan Liquid or Foam Soap Dispenser is an easy to use lever dispenser, perfect for for every washroom or commercial application. Its simple, reliable and low maintenance system caters
especially well to washrooms with large amounts of visitors.
These manual dispensers are popular in high schools, gym showers and public washroom facilities. Key locked dispenser to prevent theft of consumables.  Unique faceplate system provides facility for customer private labelling. Dispenser faceplate insert available in white or chrome. Soap reservoirs hold up to 1L of liquid or foam soap at a time.
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Sabco Soap and Lotion Dispenser 1L is made of stainless steel which prevents corrosion or rusting.  This commercial grade dispenser has a lockable refill opening design with key for security. It has a convenient design, includes window that indicates lotion level.

This soap dispenser is supplied with a mounting bracket, convenient installation on wall with screws. Ideal for commercial bathrooms in schools, restaurants, and medical centres.
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Sabco Plastic Soap Dispenser 1L is a quick and easy to refill (instructions on the side) dispenser featuring a convenient design which includes window that indicates lotion level.

This commercial grade plastic soap dispenser is easy to install, fix to wall with screws. Suitable for commercial bathrooms in schools, restaurants and medical centres.
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ClearVu Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser can be used with most soaps including antibacterial and antiseptic (not pumice). Light pressure push bar excellent where disabilities prevalent.

Water resistant lid - can use for body soap in showers. Tank removes from hidden backplate - saves lugging heavy drum - take tanks to soap source. 1300 dispenses per filling. Saves refill labour. Ideal for large use environment.

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Thermoplastic SAN container with 3mm thick fume colour. It has White ABA top filling lid. A push button washroom soap dispenser.

 It has anti-dripping and anti-corrosion valve.  Design based on a polyamide piston with 2 elastomeric toroidal gaskets, silicone blocking pivot. It has stainless steel ball to ensure tightness.

You can easily refill by opening the lid with the use of a standard Mediclinics key supplied.

Clearline Double Soap Dispenser 2 x 600ml

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Poly carbonate material for solid construction. Transparent face makes it easy to check levels. Fixed to wall by screws or double-sided tape (included).

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Horizontally mounted stainless steel soap dispenser with 1.2 L with sight glass to check level. Lockable refill lid (with key) for security. Stainless steel prevents corrosion or rusting.

- easy to use and easy to clean
- Lockable and easy to fill the dispenser
- high grade brushed stainless steel is durable and vandal resistant and provides a stylish maintenance free finish.

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Adding style and quality to your restroom is made easy with Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser Vertical, with sight glass to check level. Lockable refill lid (with key) for security. Stainless steel prevents corrosion or rusting.

This washroom soap dispenser is made from high grade brushed stainless steel it is robust and hard wearing. Featuring a keyed lock and sturdy mounting bracket system the A-605 is suitable for school, restaurant, hotel and workplace hygiene applications.

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Soap Dispenser DC800 is easy to install and operate.Refillable internal tank.

Dispenser bladder and tap are available too.

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High quality lockable stainless steel bulk dispenser with satin finish. Refillable.  Available in two  models - vertical and horizontal.
Available parts: keys, triangle bolt, valve and replacement eye.
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Foam Care Refillable Cartridge Foam Soap Dispenser is designed to be installed front facing on shower walls or mirror surfaces near washbasins.

This unique dispenser allows precise mixing of liquid and air, resulting in a dose of high quality foam with eash single stroke of a smooth action button.

This soap dispenser controls usage with longer interval between refilling and ensure cost saving. It also reduces water requirement compared to traditional washing cream or lotion.

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Foam Soap Dispenser has a soft-push bar which makes it ideal for children and the disabled as it only requires minimum pressure. This provides a rich, luxurious foam with quality foam soap.

It is easy to refill soap by removing tank from back-plate. If you compare the cost per hand-wash with cartridge or pouch system, bulk fill is way economical.

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Triad Liquid Soap or Lotion Dispenser (not pumice) with 1.4L Capacity, push plunger valve has Viton O-ring for longer life. It dispenses .5ml per stroke.

It is easy to determine if it needs refill with its sight glass to see soap level, and removable tank from backplate. Lid unlocks for removal with special key supplied.

Sabco Plastic Foam Soap Dispenser 1000ml

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Looking for a quality foam soap dispenser for your business? Sabco's Plastic Foam Soap Dispenser is easy to install with a convenient design for you to quickly check when refill is needed.

- 1000ml capacity - quick and easy to refill (instructions on the side of the box).
- Easy installation, fix to wall with screws.
- Commercial Grade, Ideal for commercial bathrooms in Schools, Restaurants and Medical Centres.
- Convenient design, includes window that indicate soap level and key for an easy opening!