Solvol Hand Cleaner

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Through great Aussie triumphs and tragedies Solvol has been trusted to clean the dirtiest of hands of generations of Australians. Solvol Liquid hand cleaners is available in 250ml, 500ml and 4.5L pump sizes.

Few Australian household icons have survived into the 21st century but good old Solvol – 90 years old in 2005 – has always been there. From Solvol’s very beginnings in 1915 when it was developed in Melbourne, it became the dependable Australian cure-all for cleaning stubborn dirty hands with families across Australia shouting ‘Wash your hands Geoffrey, with the Solvol Geoffrey!’ at dinner time.

Solvol Hand Cleaner Soap Bar - With its powerful pumice scrubbing power and scent, it makes the perfect solution for wok-stained hands. It is also effective in removing paint, silicone, glue and more from skin. For best results wash with warm water and keep the bar well drained between uses.

Solvol Liquid hand cleaner 500ml - It contains natural citrus oils and superfine granules to keep hands smooth and soft while cleaning stubborn dirt. It contains no petroleum solvents. pH controlled and has natural moisturising. Available in 250ml and 500ml.

Solvol Hand cleaning wipes - are easy to store, easy to use hand cleaning wipes made to remove unwanted muck, grime and odours from hands, tools and other surfaces. They're made with a dual-sided, textured fabric and natural citrus oils, so they have all the cleaning power of a Solvol Bar with the added convenience of a take-anywhere, resealable soft pack.

Solvol in bulk is the best way to go if your everyday life involves heavy duty work. Solvol bars are available in bulk cases of 100 single bars. Solvol Liquid is available in a 4.5L pump pack.