Mr LongArm Smart® Bulb Changers

Mr LongArm
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Smart® Bulb Changers' patented quick release design allows the user to easily remove and replace hard-to-reach light bulbs while standing in one position.

* Non-conductive extension poles will not conduct electricity (120/240 voltage) if not contaminated with moisture, water or other conductive liquids

Suction is released by simply pulling down on the extension pole after bulb installation. The unique design of our bulb changers will allow bulb removal in indoor and outdoor recessed or canister style light fixtures. Lock clip prevents the handle of the bulb changer from loosening on the pole during use. Industrial bulb changer for exposed light bulbs. Works great with the new long life fluorescent bulbs as well as incandescent bulbs. Use with Mr. LongArm non-conductive* extension poles to change bulbs SAFER, faster and easier.