Glass Gleam Solar

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Superb results for all glazed panels & solar cells. This product restores photovoltaic efficiency.

Product Description

Will not harm glass panels, plastics, or metals. Balanced pH. Kind to hands. Environmentally friendly super-concentrate.Superb results for all glazed panels & solar cells.Restores photovoltaic efficiency. Dilution at 20ml per 4 Litres of water.Rinse, power jet or squeegee. Smaller panels can be cleaned with the typical washer/mop and squeegee technique. Many window cleaners are now using their water-fed poles to clean solar panels; especially large areas where the worker cannot walk between the panels. The pure water is a great cleaning agent and will suffice if the panels are cleaned regularly.

Glass Protection — Another trend in the solar panel cleaning sector is the protection of the glass so it better cleans when it rains, and reduces the ability of pollutants to adhere to the glass. This service should be charged for in addition to the cleaning, and may need to be reapplied every year or so depending on the environment.