Leather Master Leather Soft Cleaner

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Leather Soft Cleaner is a mild, water-based detergent, which will remove general soiling and water-based stains. Soft Cleaner is pH neutral, so it is gentle enough to be used regularly on leather furniture, shoes, handbags and clothing.


- Gentle on leather
- Cleans without leaving rings
- Water-based
- pH neutral
- Quick and easy to use
- Can be used to remove to remove residue left by stain removal products, such as Ink Away

It can be used on all pure aniline and pigmented leathers. It will remove grime as well as most water-based stains. Available in 250ml and 1L.

When selecting a leather cleaner pH is an important consideration. Leather is slightly acidic, but many cleaners are highly alkaline. Alkaline cleaners react with the bonds between the leather fibres, causing the leather to dry and shrink. The pH of cleaning solutions can also affect the stability of dyes, pigments and leather finishes. Any product that is used regularly on leather should be have a neutral pH.

A regular cleaner should also be water-based. Many cleaners contain solvents, such as alcohol or mineral spirits. Solvent-based cleaners will definitely clean, but they can also damage leather. Solvent-based cleaners should not be used for regular cleaning. Soft Cleaner is solvent free – it works without affecting the integrity of your leather or its finish.

NOTE: Leather Soft Cleaner may remove the color or alter the leather: If any type of liquid causes the color of your leather to run. You can test for this by wiping the leather with a soft cloth dipped in water. If the color runs with just water, the Leather Soft Cleaner or any other product will also remove it.

If the Leather Soft Cleaner appears to have darkened the leather, this is a sign that the leather is extremely absorbent. In actual fact, the leather will not have darkened but will have shrunk slightly bringing the color dots closer together, which in turn makes the color look darker. Just stretch or massage the leather by pulling it in all directions until the color lightens again.

1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. Pre-test on a concealed area of your sofa.

3.  Pour the Leather Soft Cleaner onto a soft sponge and form a lather by squeezing it.

4. Work the foam into the leather using light circular movements. Dab the sponge into areas where the soiling is heavier. The larger the sponge, the faster the job will be done. When the sponge gets dirty, rinse it out in clean water.

5. Remove the excess foam and dirt using a soft, white cotton cloth.

6. For heavy soiling or if dye is transferred, which could happen for example with jeans, you will need to use a stronger product such as Strong Cleaner or the Light Colored Leather Care Kit.

7. When you are satisfied with the cleaning results, we recommend you leave the leather to rest for 30 minutes before applying the Leather Protection Cream, which will renew the protection effect on the leather.