Coloured Galvanised Metal Bins 55L

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These coloured galvanised metal bins are very high quality and strong to take those playground beatings and the improvised cricket stumps. Made in Australia and powder coated to a thick hardened coat which will protect the bin for many years from the outdoor elements.

Available with or without lid options and can also purchase with handles protruding upwards to fit into cages PF2336.
The bins with handles facing upwards are normally purchased  if no lids are required, or they are going into cages.
A picture of the bin on concrete is the one with the handles coming out to the sides. This is the style needed to allow lids to fit onto them. Optional sticker comes separate if purchased for the customer to place on bin.

Dimensions: 500mm H x 400mm Dia at Top Tapering down to 340mm at Bottom
4 Drainage Holes in Bottom of Bin
Optional inground cages with locking lids available – See codes PF2336 and PF2337