Poly Fill or Pure Horse Hair Fill Brooms

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Poly Fill or Pure Horse Hair Fill Brooms are speedy clean pathway brooms ideal for concrete, brick pavers, construction sites, for smooth and timber floor, for parquetry, fine cork and tiled floors.

These brooms are sold as pictured. If you require a metal ferrule to adapt handle, the link to this product and handles is found below.


BLACK EXPRESS - Polypropylene Fill• For Concrete Floors • 25mm Staff Hole

Code No:

2065 35cm (14")

2066 45cm (18")

2067 60cm (24")

2068 75cm (30")

2069 90cm (36")

Industrial Waterproof Timber Head with 25mm Durable Plastic Fitting• Hard wearing for Brick Pavers, Construction sites and Concrete Floors

Code No:

2065 PP 35cm (14") Polypropylene Fill

2066 PP 45cm (18") Polypropylene Fill

2067 PP 60cm (24") Polypropylene Fill

2068 PP 75cm (30") Polypropylene Fill

2069 PP 90cm (36") Polypropylene Fill

PUMA - Pure Horse Hair Fill - Varnished Stock • For Smooth Timber Floor & Flour Mill Industry.

Code No:

2075 30cm (12") 22mm Staff Hole

2076 35cm (14") 25mm Staff Hole

2077 45cm (18") 25mm Staff Hole

2078 60cm (24") 25mm Staff Hole

2079 75cm (30") 25mm Staff Hole

2080 90cm (36") 25mm Staff Hole

VIENNA - Pure Black Horse Hair with White Ends - Varnished StockFor Parquetry, Fine Cork and Tiled Floors22mm Staff Hole

Code No:

2085 30cm (12")