Wagtail Slimline Aluminium Flipper

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The Wagtail Slimline Aluminium Flipper is a tool that has completely revolutionized squeegee design. It was made with the purpose of reducing operator strain and providing a better, faster clean.

The microfibre pad is easily flipped up over the rubber to scrub your windows. In this configuration the tool has essentially become a window washer.

When your window is all soaped up, another little flick of the wrist flips the pad back down, and you're ready to squeegee your window! No more changing tools!

The Wagtail Flipper is extremely light weight, so it's very easy on your arms, and the swivel action takes a huge amount of stress off your wrists. Other combination tools on the market are heavy and cumbersome, and not ergonomically designed with the user in mind. The Wagtail Flipper ticks all the boxes!

Sizes: 6″ 15CM, 8″ 20CM, 10″ 25CM, 12″ 30CM, 14″ 35CM, 16″ 40CM, 18″ 45CM
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