Wagtail Orbital Aluminium Flipper Yellow Two Tool in One

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Wagtail Orbital Aluminium Flipper is a speedy and inexpensive alternative. Mop and Squeegee in one. Alternates between modes in less than a second. Non scratching and robust.

Available in aluminium and plastic
Mop & squeegee in one. Fully functional mop - applies slightly less water than conventional mop.
Great for interior work
Pad does not interfere with cleaning
Can be used to 'wash and wipe in one swipe
Gets into corners, edges and deep ledges

Great for most cleaning applications. Comes complete with rubber and pad.

The Wagtail Flipper is ideal tool for window cleaners, cleaners and the home user. It is very versatile and fast.
Changes from a fully functional mop to a squeegee in a instant. No need to change tools.

Great for hot glass and pole work
Excellent floor cleaning tool
Ideal for general cleaning

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