Jasol BC11 - Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Jasol BC11 Economical Toilet Bowl Cleaner is colour coded, non hazardous, pleasant fragrance, economical bulk concentrate. It is an economical sulphamic acid based urinal and toilet bowl cleaner for the removal of soil, scale, rust and uric acid.

FEATURES- Removes Scale & Uric Encrustation  - Cleans and Deodorises- Removes Soap Scum in Shower Recesses  - Safe on Stainless Steel & Porcelain- Pleasant Fragrance  - Positive Bacteriostatic Properties - Strong Residue Effect

Acts safely and efficiently. The active chemical ingredients remove scale, uric encrustation, toilet stains and algae growth leaving the surfaces clean and reodorised.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE:Direct BC11 - TOILET BOWL CLEANER onto the urinal or toilet bowl paying particular attention to the hard to get areas. Apply sufficient BC11 - TOILET BOWL CLEANER so that the liquid runs into the trap or the bottom of the bowl. Allow to act, scrubbing with a toilet brush if necessary and flush. To disinfect ensure a dilution of 1 part BC11 - TOILET BOWL CLEANER per 30 parts water in the bowl.