Jasol BC11 - Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Jasol BC11 Economical Toilet Bowl Cleaner is colour coded, non hazardous, pleasant fragrance, economical bulk concentrate.

- Removes Scale & Uric Encrustation 
- Cleans and Deodorises
- Removes Soap Scum in Shower Recesses 
- Safe on Stainless Steel & Porcelain
- Pleasant Fragrance 
- Positive Bacteriostatic Properties
- Strong Residue Effect


Direct BC11 - TOILET BOWL CLEANER onto the urinal or toilet bowl paying particular attention to the hard to get areas. Apply sufficient BC11 - TOILET BOWL CLEANER so that the liquid runs into the trap or the bottom of the bowl. Allow to act, scrubbing with a toilet brush if necessary and flush. To disinfect ensure a dilution of 1 part BC11 - TOILET BOWL CLEANER per 30 parts water in the bowl.

Click here for BC11 Toilet Bowl Cleaner MSDS.