Bio Blitz Blocks Eco-Friendly Urinal Blocks with Deodoriser

Bio Natural Solutions
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The Bio Blitz Green Urinal Blocks are the best solution to eliminate odour in urinals. It is a water soluble urinal block with deodoriser and copper inhibitor, ideal for use in troughs and wall urinals.

The Green Urinal Blocks use millions of friendly bacteria specially selected to target the uric salt and sludge deposits. These are contained in a small green block with a subtle fragrance which is placed in the urinal bowl or trough. The biological activity softens the deposits which are washed away when the urinal is cleaned.

It contains natural citric fragrance that deodorises urinals and eliminates unpleasant odours in washrooms whilst improving the washroom hygiene.

Bio Blitz benefits

  • Each Block lasts up to 2 weeks
  • Fits any kind of urinals
  • Improves urinal efficiency and freshness
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable and septic tank safe
  • Digests uric salt and eliminates blockages
  • Reduces both water and maintenance costs
  • Eliminates blockages
  • Contains no pDCB
  • 100% Australian owned and made
  • Water Savings up to 98%

Directions for use

The Bio Blitz Urinal Blocks easy fit into any type of urinal. Place a block per wall urinal or every 50cm in trough urinals.

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