Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner Concentrate Multi Purpose Washroom Cleaner

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The Bio Blitz Biological Cleaner is a general purpose washroom cleaner that contains active ’good’ bacterial ingredients which help prevent uric salt, scale/sludge build up, pipe work odours and blockages.

Regular use of the Biological Cleaner helps keep washrooms clean and odour free. With it’s Citrus Fragrance and Odour Neutraliser, it will leave your wash room smelling fresh. As this is a biological Cleaner, it is safe, environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.

The Biological Cleaner Concentrate is also ideal for use in urinal sanitisers.

1L makes 10L.

The Biological Cleaner targets the build up of uric salt deposits and sludge that are in the pipe work. These deposits and sludge are often the main cause of blockages and foul odours in the urinal. With the Biological activity, our cleaner searches out and feeds on the urine and residue that build up in busy washrooms, such as schools and clubs.

The cleaner softens the deposits which wash away when you clean the urinal. Odour problems in the tile grout, tile work and the floor it self can often contribute to the odour problems in washrooms. Daily mopping with our cleaner will eliminate this odour problem.