Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper

SABC-310-3A / ED41022
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The Triumph MK3 Angled Scraper is the right tool for construction cleaning with an extension pole. You will be able to remove stickers, tape, paint, mud and other debris from hard-to-reach windows and glass.

The 30° angled scraper is ergonomically-designed to make hand scraping easier and is especially handy for removing solar film. Blade Refill Available. See More details.

Blade For Triumph Scraper, carbon steel is preferred for heavy usage because it's thicker and a little stronger, but the blades generally rust quickly, so they're really only good for one day's use.

Stainless steel blades are far more resistant to rust, they are thinner and not quite as durable as carbon; if you only scrape occasionally, the stainless steel is the way to go.

These carbon steel blades are sold in ten or 25 packs, and come in clever dispensers that safely distribute one blade at a time, and also hold used blades in a safe chamber.