Mosmatic Graffiti Remover

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This professional wall cleaner is specially designed for removing graffiti. Mosmatic Graffiti Remover is also used for restoring all types of surfaces and refurbishing building exteriors and interiors.

The surface cleaner is in its element anywhere where stubborn dirt needs to be removed completely.

Recovery Port

The recovery port allows the user to attach a vacuum system to suction the dirty water.

High-Quality Swivel

The centerpieces of a Mosmatic Surface Cleaner is it's swivel. It is reinforced with self lubricating, stainless steel ball bearings with a carbide gasket system. They are specially designed for high revolutions ensuring long lasting durability.

Relax-Action Function

Ease of use and fatigue-protection thanks to a high-pressure pistol with ergonomic relax-action function.

Splash Protection

The brush ring prevents splashing and injuries from loose pebbles. It is soft and elastic but extremely effective thanks to the thickness of the bristles.

    Surface Cleaning Diameter: 8"
    Pressure: 5000 PSI
    Max Temperature: 250 F
    Weight: 6 lbs.
    Swivel: 1xDYW
    Rotor Arm: 2x 1/8" NPTF
    Rotor Nozzles: Two (2) 1503 (15-Degree Size 3)
    HP-Gun: 1x