Orange Oil Gilly Stephenson’s 250ml

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Gilly Stephenson’s Orange Oil has excellent cleaning properties and is ideal for old neglected furniture. OIL CLEAN/ RESTORE Cane, Wicker, Chopping Boards, Tables.



Typical Uses:

  • Cleans and restores.
  • Maintains a satin finish on antiques and fine furniture.
  • Feeds unpolished surfaces such as drawers and the undersides of tables, salad bowls and chopping boards.
  • Suitable for raw or unsealed wood.
  • Simple way to keep cane furniture and wicker in good condition.
  • Gives a golden hue to pine.


  • Non-toxic.
  • Simple to use with a pleasant citrus odour.


Apply with a soft cloth then buff off with a clean cloth

Click here for Orange Oil Gilly Stephenson's MSDS