Numatic TT16625S

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Big 60-litre capacity, big 65cm twin brush system, generous floating polyurethane floor nozzle and a 200 A/hr battery systems to provide substantially extended running times if required.

Here you have a machine that will do serious work, cover big areas for long hours but, having said that, it really is just as easy to use as the smaller machines incorporating all of the practical user based technology that will be found throughout the Twintec range.

The selection of machine size will be based not only on the area to be cleaned but also on the accessibility of that area in terms of obstructions, congestion, awkwardness of access and the time available.


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Once again using a motor car analogy, small roads don't like big vehicles, but find yourself with a major highway to be cleaned and the TTB6652S will show you what cleaning is all about.

Technical Specs
Vacuum motor 400W, Brush motor 400W x 2

Standard Accessories
2 x 330mm scrubbing brushes
2 x 330mm pad drive board