Mediclinics Saniflow Automatic Hand Dryers

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Mediclinics Saniflow Automatic Hand Dryers feature easy maintenance, low noise levels and a high level of user safety. These sensor operated hand dryers boast the most powerful airflow in the world, which, combined with a comfortable drying temperature, reduces drying times to a minimum.

- designed to be installed in high traffic of people such as airports, large hotels, sport centers, large recreational areas and large official organizations, among others.
- Available in a 1,5 mm. thick steel cover, white or black finished or in a 1,5 mm. thick stainless steel cover bright or satin finished, this hand dryer is ideal for Heavy traffic Bathrooms.

If you are looking for automatic hand dryers with a proven long durability and complete reliability, with anti-vandalism features, choose Mediclinics Saniflow Automatic Hand Dryers!

Components & materials:
DAE05A: 1,5 mm. thick steel cover, white finished.
DAE05AB: 1,5 mm. thick steel cover, black finished.
DAE05AC: 1,5 mm. thick stainless steel cover, bright finish.
DAE05ACS: 1,5 mm. thick stainless steel cover, satin finish.

- One-piece cover fixed to the base by means of 2 vandalproof lock screws and lock with special Saniflow ® wrench.
- Base in aluminium, 3 mm thick, with 4 Ø 8 mm holes for wall mounting.
- Fire resistant plastic UL 94-VO fan scroll.
- Universal brush motor, 5.500 rpm, F class, which includes a safety thermal cut-off.
- Aluminium centrifugal double symmetrical inlet fan wheel.
- Waved wire NiCr heating element on a mica frame that incorporates a thermal cut-off.
- 360º Nozzle in chrome plated Zamak.
- Electronic detection sensor by infrared beams.
- Adjustable detection by potentiometer.
- 4 silent blocks to eliminate vibrations

Download Mediclinics Saniflow Automatic Hand Dryers PIS

Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Electrical isolation Class I
Dimensions (W x H x D, in mm) 276 x 245 x 214
Weight 4.65 kg
Effective airflow 330 m3/h (5500 l/min)
Nominal airflow 470 m3/h (7800 l/min)
Air velocity 96 km/h
Total power 2250 W
Motor power 250 W
Heating element power 2000 W
Consumption 10 A
RPM 5500
Protection level IP23
WARRANTY 12 years: 6 years labour / 12 years parts (terms apply)
Cover Thickness 1.5mm
Drying Time 29 Sec
Air Velocity 100 Km/h
Air temperature (10 cm distance/21ºC) 50 degC
Sound pressure (*) (at 2m) 68 dBA
Notes (*) According to UNE EN ISO 11201:2010 V2 standard.