Mediclinics Mediflow Intelligent Sensor Operated Hand Dryers

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Mediflow® Intelligent Sensor Operated Hand Dryers are characterised by its power and ruggedness. Automatically operated compact solutions with 4 color options better suited for any type of washroom environment. It is proven long lasting and completely reliable. The quietest dryer in its class.

- automatically regulate the temperature of the outlet air to 4 possible levels depending on the room temperature.
- are made according to the highest quality and safety standards: it includes safety thermal limiters (in the heating element and in the motor) and automatic disconnect system.
- Mediflow® Hand Dryers are proven long lasting and completely reliable models. Versatile hand dryers with anti-vandalism features and designed to be installed in areas with a large traffic of people such as: airports, large hotels, sports centers, large recreational areas and official organizations among others.

Technical data for all models:

All Mediclinics Mediflow models use the same components, the differences being casing material and finish.


12 years: 6 years labour / 12 years parts (terms apply)

DAM02A: Steel one-piece cover, white Epoxy painted, 1.5 mm. thick.
DAM02AB: Steel one-piece cover, black mate Epoxy painted, 1.5 mm. thick.
DAM02AC: Stainless steel one-piece cover, bright finish, 1.5 mm. thick.
DAM02ACS: Stainless steel one-piece cover, satin finish, 1.5 mm. thick
- Fire resistant plastic PA 6 -V0 base and fan scroll, with 4 Ø 8 mm holes for wall mounting. It includes silentblocks to damp mechanical vibrations.
- Universal brush motor, 4,500 rpm, F class, which includes a safety thermal cut-off.
- Aluminium centrifugal double asymmetrical inlet fan wheel.
- Waved wire NiCr heating element on a mica frame that incorporates a thermal cut-off.
- Automatic regulation of air temperature on ambient temperature.
- Fully adjustable (5-25 cm) IR electronic detection sensor by means of a potentiometer.
- Selective detection of fixed targets and automatic disconnection system after 120 seconds of continuous use.

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Voltage 220- 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Electrical Isolation Class II
Total power 250 – 2,750 W
Consumption 1.2 - 12A
Motor power 250 W
Rpm 4,500
Heating element power 2,500 W
Dimensions 325x275x164 mm
Weight 4.25 Kg
Cover thickness 1.5 mm
Drying time 29 sec.
Effective airflow 450 m 3 /h (7,500 L/min)
Air velocity 95 Km/h
Air temperature (10 cm distance/21ºC) 50 O C
Sound pressure (*) (at 2m) 65 dBA
Protection rating IP23
Note (*) According to UNE EN ISO 11201:2010 V2 standard.