Gloria 510TK 10L Original Stainless Steel Sprayer

VO02 000512.6900
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Gloria 510TK 10L Original Stainless Steel Sprayer is a multi purpose & Versatile Professional Sprayer. This stainless steel sprayer is resistant to most solvent/petroleum based solutions such as degreasers, lubricants, form work oil, sealers, tyre shine & pesticides. 

- Robust Structure- dual pressurising system with auto and manual safety valves. - Heavy Duty Brass Pump- Polyester Shoulder / Back Strap

Note: These sprayers are not suitable for acid nor alkaline/acetone based substances.

APPLICATIONS: Car + Truck Wash, Formworks, Sealers, Degreasers, Pest + Weed Control, Sanitising (Food Processing)

Seal Type: VITON
Total Capacity: 13.0L
Liquid Capacity: 10L
Bottle/Tank Material: Stainless Steel
Max Pressure: 6 bar / 85 PSI
Pressure Gauge: YES
Safety Valve: Automatic & Manual
Lance, Trigger & Nozzle: Brass
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