Spirit Safe Stripper Effective Acrylic Sealer and Paint Stripper

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Spirit Safe Stripper is a user friendly safe water soluble stripper used to remove Spirit coating sealers. Designed to remove acrylic coatings on all natural stone & man made tiles. For best results use Spirit HDC.

• Strips all of Spirit’s floor coatings• Safe to use• Excellent for removing paint & glues easily• Does NOT contain Acids• Nonflammable/ No fumes• Most effective when used in conjunction with Spirit H.D.CAvailable sizes: 1L, 4L, 15L
Where to use:
• All natural stone surfaces such as: Granite, sandstone, Quartz, limestone & marble
• Ceramic tiles & porcelain tiles
• Concrete & Clay pavers

Method of application:
1. First sweep tiles to remove all soil and debris
2. Apply Safe Stripper neat from the container to the floor to be stripped. Allow to
stand for 15-30 minutes. Test the floor to ensure Safe Stripper has softened the
existing seal.
3. Mix Spirit H.D.C. 8 parts water to 1 part H.D.C. in warm water apply to a small area
of the floor and scrub vigorously.
4. Remove slurry and rinse. If the old seal has not been removed repeat the process.
After complete removal of old seal, rinse the floor at least with clean water.