Spirit Porcelain Creme Versatile Spot Cleaner 500ml

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Spirit Porcelain Crème is an environment-friendly, strong non scratch abrasive cleaner made to remove stubborn surface soiling and marking. It is very effective at removing wax off polished porcelain, it a versatile cleaner that can remove a wide variety of marks on a wide variety of stone & tile surfaces.

•Safe to use on most polished marbles 
•Non D.G 
•Highly dilutable 
•Removes wax & pencil marks 
•Works excellent on hard tile surfaces 
•Can be used on other porcelain products i.e. sinks, bathtubs & toilets 
•Non scratching powerful cleaner
•Removes grout residue on polished surfaces

Where to use:
• All natural stone surfaces such as: Granite countertops, sandstone, limestone, marble
• Ceramic tiles, porcelain & grout joints
• All polished stone & tile surfaces
• NOT to be used on man-made polished resin stone or plastic

Method of application:
1. Porcelain cream can be directly applied to the surface from its squeeze bottle. This
solution can be rubbed vigorously on the floor with a cleaning pad or sponge until
desired result has been obtained. One tube can clean up 100 square metres of tiles
2. Rinse well to remove all traces of cleaner. Porcelain cream can be added to mop
water to provide extra power to stubborn grime. Always rinse after to remove excess
3. Porcelain cream may be used with scrubbing equipment and commercial cleaning
pads. Water can be added to work to thin the cleaner to cover large areas.