Kimberly-Clark Touch-Free Electronic Skin Care Dispenser

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The KLEENEX® Electronic Cassette Skin Care system is a touchless electronic dispenser in white or brushed metallic, and offers the highest hygiene solution in a high capacity 1200ml format. Automatically dispenses one shot of hand soap or hand sanitiser when a user places their hand beneath the dispenser.

Key features:
Most hygienic soap dispensing option 
Reliable, controlled dispensing 
Indicator lights for low product and low battery 
The brushed metallic finish provides and upmarket look
White finish suits a wide range of decor
Suitable for image conscious washrooms
Suitable for facilities where hygiene is at the upmost importance 

There are 3 luxurious KLEENEX® skin care formulations to meet differing needs - KLEENEX® Luxury foam Fragrance and Dye Free Skin Cleanser, KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Antibacterial Skin Cleanser and KLEENEX® Luxury Foam Moisturising Instant Hand Cleanser.  See related products for Cartridges.

Available in 2 colour variations - brushed metallic and white.

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