Numatic RSV130 Ruc Sac Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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Numatic RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) Backpack Vacuum Cleaner has an 1100w motor, 6L capacity, large filter system and 2-stage Microflo disposable dust bags. Ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system allows the operator good mobility into those awkward to reach locations.

Standard Kit-A30A. This handy little vac. allows you access and speedy cleaning of congested environments.
When it comes to congested environments there can be no doubt that the practical features of the RSV (Ruc Sac Vac) brings with it great advances in convenience cleaning, producing vastly improved results by virtue of the old adage "the right machine for the right job".

It is easy for the cleaner to carry RSV130 on his back like a backpack and clean congested areas that are carpeted, efficiently in a small amount of time. Though it has a small 6 liter capacity to keep the weight of the cleaner down, it can work continuously making it very efficient in cleaning places in industrial settings. All commercial places like ships, restaurants, hotels, etc. that are heavily furnished and also have many carpets can be cleaned with the help of this small but powerful and efficient RSV130 vacuum cleaner from Numatic.

The RSV's performance is excellent, with the extra large filter system and 2-stage Microflo' disposable dust bags ensuring continuous operation and clean and easy emptying. The standard accessory kit incorporates all that is needed for quick and efficient cleaning of all surfaces.

In many countries Ruc Sac cleaning has become commonplace with substantial improvements in cost effective operation. Particular attention has been paid to user comfort, convenience and safety with an ergonomically designed, comfortable harness system; lighter weight and lower noise levels.

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