TASKI® Ergodisc® 165 Single Disc Floor Scrubbing Machine

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Taski Ergodisc 165 is a low speed (165rpm) single disc machine that is versatile and is adaptable for multiple cleaning tasks.

Taski Ergodisc key features:

The ergodisc 165 is especially suited for the following tasks:

Wet scrubbing
Spray cleaning
Wood treatment

The ergodisc 165 is especially suited for the following tasks:

wet scrubbing - stripping - buffing - spray cleaning
shampooing - wood treatment - crystallisation

Taski Ergodisc 165 Kits and its application:
Kit 15 - Single disc carpet machine 165 rpm for dry shampoo method. Kit includes Taski Ergodisc 165, foam generator 230V, shampooing dry brush 43cm.
Kit 1 - single disc scrubber 165 rpm suitable for rough and tiled floors. Kit includes Taski Ergodisc 165, and standard scrubbing brush 43cm.
Kit 2 - single disc scrubber 165 rpm suitable for scrubbing of vinyl, and other smooth floors without deep grouts, greases. Kit includes Taski Ergodisc 165, and standard driving disc 43cm.
Kit 3- single disc scrubber 165 rpm suitable for both rough, tiled floors as well as smooth floors like vinyl. Kit includes Taski Ergodisc 165, standard scrubbing brush 43cm, and standard driving disc 43cm.
Adiditional Features:
Foam generator:The foam generator, with integrated compressor, allows economic dry foam carpet cleaning. A short drying time allows fast re-use of the area.
Vacuum unit and suction skirt:The combination of vacuum unit and suction skirt is an ideal solution to prevent dust emission into the air.  During spray cleaning, the skirt also acts as a splash protector.
Water tank:The best accessory for wet scrubbing and deep cleaning. The tank fits perfectly onto the machine and has a big opening for easy filling.
Robustness:TASKI ergodisc 165 is part of an innovative range of single disc machines. The use of high-tech materials creates robust, shock-absorbing machines with an extended lifetime and low service costs.
All TASKI ergodisc machines come with 2 years warrant
Better working conditions improve productivity through:
anatomically formed grip
adjustable handle bar height
low vibration level
low noise level
soft start characteristics

Creates a safer working environment through:
hand protection due to closed handle
high electrical safety due to double insulation
double safety lock

Ease of use results in improved efficiency through ease of:
training and operation
attachment of accessories, no tools required
storing and transporting, enabled by a foldable handle and movable weight
Multi-purpose, cost-efficient machine:
adaptable to many different cleaning tasks
full range of accessories available
Model: TASKI ergodisc 165
SKU: 8003850
Working width 43cm
Speed 165rpm
Weight 42kg (option to remove 5 kg)
Motor height 36cm
Nominal consumption 1100W
Voltages available 230V/50 Hz 22V/60 Hz 100-110V/60 Hz
Cable length 15m