Cotton Interlock - Loose or Elastic cuff- White

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Multi-purpose Cotton Interlock -Loose Cuff White
If you work in an environment that demands the clean handling of sensitive products, a cotton glove can provide protection you need

.This could include:
- Medical and sanitary applications
- Fragile artwork/craftworks
- Gems
- Photographic material
Light industrial uses include the use as a liner for perspiration absorption in rubber gloves or use in clean rooms and inspection processing. Clean white gloves also create a professional presentation for servers at formal dinners, flag bearers, marching bands, uniformed public displays etc.

These gloves are stretchable (to about a medium), are 100% cotton and "one size will generally fit all." They allow a high degree of dexterity, are reusable, washable and left to right hand reversible.

These gloves are not hemmed.

This allergy- free white cotton gloves absorbs perspiration or moisture.

note: picture may vary from actual gloves