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Your hands do all of the dirty work for you when it comes to cleaning and doing all sorts of work. The least you can do is to keep them from getting tainted from too much labor and chemical handling. To protect your hands with, we've got the perfect collection of gloves that would fit your needs. We have different types of gloves such as latex, vinyl, nitrile, and even dispensers to complete the list! Working hand in hand with our work gloves will have you face every day's tasks with glee.

With our wide collection of top quality gloves, you can always ensure to perform your best in everything that you do. We've got rubber gloves, cotton gloves, sandwich and poly gloves, medical gloves, and disposal gloves at your service. Whatever your need, we've got it right here. Tending your garden or mowing your lawn? We've got the best garden gloves. Repairing your car or doing some heavy machinery works? Well, no need to look elsewhere because we've got the perfect mechanical protection gloves for you. Cooking dishes for your family and friends? Worry no more, our ovenware mitts will take precious care of your hands. Say what you need your gloves for and we'll provide it for you.

Our products are made only of high-quality materials that can handle chemicals and liquid and everything in between and beyond. Its cut resistant quality makes it usable for any heavy duty jobs and cold storage requirements with a long-wearing quality to serve you for a long time. You can always trust that our trades gloves are of superb dexterity, function, and protection for all your professional needs.

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This bulk glove dispenser is ideal for single use gloves, dispensing quickly and cleanly, keeping hygiene at a premium in the food, medical and vehicle industries. An economical way to manage high quantity use.

Dispensers can be used for our Pro-Val disposable apron boxes as well.