Cotton Gloves

Sabco Multi-purpose Cotton Gloves

Sabco Multi-purpose Cotton Gloves are 100% knitted cotton, soft and comfortable with elastic wrist band for a secure fit. This multi-purpose cotton gloves protect your hands and keep it comfortable and dry.


Cotton Drill Gloves Knit Wrist

Washable Cotton Drill Gloves. knit wrist. Application: Light manufacturing engineering and assembly.

Pack of 12 Pairs

Bastion Polycotton Gloves

Bastion Polycotton Gloves is bleached for clean appearance. Knitted seamless polyester/cotton. Knitted cuffs for secure & comfortable fit.

Pack of 12 Pairs

Bastion Cotton Interlock Gloves

Bastion Cotton Interlock Gloves made from 100% with a hemmed cuff, and a knitted cuff for secure fit and debris exclusion.

pack of 12

Cotton Interlock - Loose or Elastic cuff- White

Multi-purpose Cotton Interlock -Loose Cuff White
If you work in an environment that demands the clean handling of sensitive products, a cotton glove can provide protection you need
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