Cotton Gloves

Sabco Multi-purpose Cotton Gloves

Sabco Multi-purpose Cotton Gloves are 100% knitted cotton, soft and comfortable with elastic wrist band for a secure fit. This multi-purpose cotton gloves protect your hands and keep it comfortable and dry.


Cotton Drill Gloves Knit Wrist

Washable Cotton Drill Gloves. knit wrist. Application: Light manufacturing engineering and assembly.

Pack of 12 Pairs

Bastion Polycotton Gloves

Bastion Polycotton Gloves is bleached for clean appearance. Knitted seamless polyester/cotton. Knitted cuffs for secure & comfortable fit.

Pack of 12 Pairs

Bastion Cotton Interlock Gloves

Bastion Cotton Interlock Gloves made from 100% with a hemmed cuff, and a knitted cuff for secure fit and debris exclusion.

Pro Val Interlox Cotton Gloves No Cuff - Box of 12 Pairs

100% Cotton interlock glove with stitched thumb for extra support - no cuff. This is ideal for being worn as under gloves where allergies in rubber exist.

Pro Val Poly D Cotton with Dots Large - Box of 12 Pairs

Poly cotton gloves with PVC dotted palm for extra grip  are available in white or grey.  The PVC dotted palm provides extra grip.

Pro Val Poly Cotton Gloves - Box of 12 Pairs

Seamless, unbleached polyctoon gloves that can be used and rewashed. These help protect against dirt and dust.

Ansell Cotton Gloves

All-Purpose 100% Cotton Gloves. Soft on hands and extra moisture absorbency and comfort.  Specially designed for comfort and maximum dexterity.

pack of 12

Cotton Interlock - Loose or Elastic cuff- White

Multi-purpose Cotton Interlock -Loose Cuff White
If you work in an environment that demands the clean handling of sensitive products, a cotton glove can provide protection you need