Gojo FMX Foaming Cartridges 1250ML

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Gojo FMX Foaming Cartridges 1250ml are high capacity yet compact pods in a range of fragrances that deliver more than 1,700 dispenses each refill.

PINK FMX LUXURY FOAMING HAND WASH CARTRIDGE 1250ML. Rich, gentle luxury foam handwash, pre-lathered for a convenient and pleasing experience. For general, light-duty cleaning.  Clear pink color and cranberry fragrance. Delivers more than 1,700 uses per refill.

GREEN FMX LUXURY FOAMING HAIR AND BODY WASH CARTRIDGE 1250ML  - Green, spa-quality foam body wash and hair shampoo with a cucumber melon scent.

FMX GREEN SEAL FOAM HAND WASH CARTRIDGE 1250ML - Fragrance and colour free products intended for use in food preparation areas or where extreme skin sensitivity may be found.

FMX ANTIBACTERIAL FOAM HAND WASH CARTRIDGE 1250ML - A smooth foaming handwash with germ killing power. Fragrance free.