Peerless Fast Drying Penetrating Seal

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Peerless Fast Drying Penetrating Seal is a blend of penetrating oils and synthetic resins that penetrate the timber and case hardens the timber and bonds the timber fibres to eliminate dusting and splintering.Fast Dry Penetrating Seal Alkyd Modified Resin Timber Seal.

• A blend of penetrating oils and synthetic resins.
• Produces a beneficial seal and preservative for int
erior floors and panelling.
• Preserves and actually case hardens wearing surface
 by impregnation.
• Only apply to new or freshly sanded timber cork par

• Floor temperature must be between 10 − 30 °C. 
• Floor moisture content must be between 9 − 14% as per
Australian Standard. A moisture meter is recommended
to indicate conditions. 
• In hot and dry climates slightly reduce exposure to
 direct air to prevent rapid and uneven drying. 
• Do not cover the surface with non-porous protective
 materials as the curing time can take more than 7.

Reference is made to the Australian Standard Code 
AS 4786.2-2005: Timber Flooring – Sanding and Finis

Sand timber floor to a fine finish using accepted p
rocedures.  Machine sand the surface to remove old
treatments and impurities in the wood. Use a coarse sanding paper
and sand the floor to an even and smooth finish. Make a second cut
with 100−120 grit sand paper and then fine sand with 120−150 grit sand paper.
This finishing will reduce the amount of grain raise.
Vacuum thoroughly and tack the floor with a mineral
turps cloth before applying FAST DRY PENETRATING SEAL.
Do not forget to remove dust from skirting, windowsills,
radiators and other exposed areas.  

• Apply a liberal coat of FAST DRY PENETRATING SEAL
with a lambswool applicator, applying across the timber
grain and finishing with the grain.  Ensure the flo
or stays wet for at least 15 minutes, re-applying extra
FAST DRY PENETRATING SEAL where complete penetration has occ
urred and the floor dried out.
• Provide adequate ventilation during application and
 work away from the sealed surface.  
• Correct application of the seal should present a surface
that has the grain emphasized and a matt finish when dry. 
Under normal atmospheric conditions and adequate ventilation
FAST DRYING PENETRATING SEAL will be touch dry in 60–90 minutes
& ready for cut back procedure in 4-6 hours
(depending on atmospheric conditions).

NOTE: - To avoid staining the timber, stop up all nail
holes after the FAST DRY PENETRATING SEAL has dried. 

Application of a sealer may raise the grain of the
timber creating a rough surface which needs to be
smoothed. Lightly sand the first coat of FAST DRY
PENETRATING SEAL with a worn 150 grit screen disc.
Pass quickly over the surface to avoid burnishing.
Vacuum thoroughly and tack the floor with a
dampened cloth. Apply SURFACE, SUPER FINISH SEAL,
DUAL COAT, MVP OR HYDROTHANE in accordance with
product directions.

The Second and subsequent coats of FAST DRY
PENETRATING SEAL will take longer to dry, up to 8 hours.
Do not cover the surface with non-porous protective
material. Oily timbers like Turpentine and Brush Box
resist the penetration of timber seals. To assist the
adhesion of the seal it is recommended to wash the
entire surface of the floor with Mineral Turpentine
prior to application of each coat. The most
suitable method to achieve this treatment is to
thoroughly wet a bath towel with Mineral Turpentine,
wrap the towel around a broom head and traverse the floor.
Turn the towel frequently and rewet as needed to ensure
a full wetting of the surface is achieved.

Note: These oily type timbers can impede the initial
coat drying times, if extended dry times are encountered
ensure that adequate airflow is present or deploy
fan forced air to create air movement.