Glomesh Thinline Colour Coded Scouring Pads

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Glomesh Thinline Commercial scouring pads from light duty to heavy duty applications. Non-rust, flexible to conform to cracks and crevices. Picks up dirt and food particles. Quick washout. Easy on hands.

Ultra Fine - White
Non-abrasive for high gloss polishing or light clean-up jobs on aluminium, chrome, plastic, automotive upholstery, headliners, etc. Excellent for use in removal of grease or tar with mild cleaners or detergent

Fine - Grey
A fine, silicon carbide abrasive pad for fine hand cleaning and finishing, denibbing between coats and rubbing down primer or sealers. Excellent for removing scratches on metal surfaces, smoothing base wood and rubbing in furniture oils

Medium Duty- MaroonA general purpose aluminium oxide abrasive pad for most cleaning and finishing requirements. Excellent for cleaning machinery and circuit boards or surface preparation for coating and lamination. Cleans overspray and splattered paint. Removes fine burrs on cut or threaded parts. May be used with most solvents

Coarse - Industrial Green
A heavy duty aluminium oxide abrasive pad for removing heavy deposits of rust or corrosion. Excellent for use with chemical strippers or solvents for removal of paint and varnish. An aggressive, durable, all purpose pad

Heavy Duty - Tan
A heavy duty aluminium oxide pad for rapid cutting, demanding finishing or cleaning machinery and equipment. Also excellent for fast removal of rust, oxidation and corrosion. May be used with most solvents

Gentle Non-Scratch - Light Tan 

Powerful, scratch-resistant cleaning where it is important to clean without leaving scratches. Use on  stainless steel equipment in food processing or health facilities, on glass, ceramic, copper, porcelain.

No mineral abrasives. Uses crushed walnut shells which clean without scratching.
New ergonomic design for comfort and efficiency.