Slant 6 Urinal Screen - Carton of 10

6 Fragrances
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a better angle on splash prevention when it comes to porcelain urinals. Six Fragrances available

Individually Wrapped to preserve fragrance

  • More fragrance than any similar sized urinal screen Freshens stronger, longer

  • 6” diameter Ideal fit for smaller urinals

  • Unique double-sided slant design deflects and defuses urine Prevents installation errors and keeps floors & shoes clean

  • Low VOC Environmentally compliant

The SLANT 6 economy urinal screen. This new, individually packaged 30-day screen is slightly smaller than other screens, but loaded with extra fragrance.The SLANT 6 screen is perfect for those wanting Fresh washrooms at a more affordable price.
• Slanted fingers eliminate 99% of splash back
• No splash on user’s shoes and pants
• No lingering urine smell…even after the restroom’s been cleaned
• Creates a pleasant experience and leaves a good impression of your facility
• Patented high fragrance load. Freshens strong longer
• Double sided design- both sides reduce urine splash, preventing installation errors
• Contains beneficial bacteria that consumes odors at the source- keeps urinals and drains clean and smelling fresh
• Recyclable & better for the planet

Ideal for:
Male Urinals in Schools, Universities, Clubs, Restaurants, Offices, Shopping Centres & Hotels