Taski Swingo 250 Micro Small Compact Auto Scrubber

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The TASKI swingo 250 Micro is a real breakthrough in floor cleaning excellence. The swingo 250 Micro is a brilliant replacement for mopping, delivering scrubber drier performance with the convenience, ease, and simplicity of a mop. Now everyone can achieve a professional floor cleaning result.

Key features and Benefits:
• More soilage removed for one pass cleaning
• More cleaning pressure for visibly cleaner floors
• Superior water pickup for safer floors
• Reduced labour for significantly reduced cleaning costs
• Significantly less water and chemical used for greater sustainability
• Safer and more ergonomic for less effort and fatigue
• Robust powerful battery and motor technology for performance and reduced TCO

JOD7524889ANZ TASKI Swingo 250 Micro ANZ Kit includes the machine, NX Li-Ion battery 37V 8100m 8.1Ah (x2), NX Charger 100-240V/50/60Hz, Brush 225mm(x2), Availability: ANZ

JOD7524889ANZ-KIT9 TASKI Swingo 250 Micro ANZ KIT 9 Kit includes the machine, NX Li-Ion
battery 37V 8100m 8.1Ah (x2), NX Charger 100-240V/50/60Hz, Brush 225mm(x2), Disc drive 225mm (x2) , Availability: AU

More effective cleaning results: TASKI scrubber driers remove up to 5 times more
soilage than mopping. A combination of increased cleaning pressure and superior water
recovery means floors are visibly cleaner when compared to a mopped floor.

Water & chemical reduction: The swingo 250 Micro’s super efficient water
distribution means that 6,500L of water and associated chemicals are saved every
year. That’s a 80% reduction compared to mopping. The swingo 250 Micro is not just a
more efficient answer, it’s also a more sustainable solution.

Reduction in cleaning costs: Mopping is a tiring and labour intensive method. With
labour over 80% of total cleaning costs, the swingo 250 Micro ’s time saving can reduce
total cleaning costs by up to 80%.

Robust powerful battery & motor technology: With 2 x 80 mins batteries and just
1hr recharge time continuous cleaning is now a reality. NX-Li-Ion battery technology
delivers 2,500 cycles and combined with the latest maintenance free digital motors the
swingo 250 Micro will last longer and will have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Superior cleaning pressure: Up to 10 times cleaning pressure means mechanical
cleaning is far superior to manual cleaning. Powerful and efficient digital motors ensure
the swingo 250 Micro quickly removes stubborn soilage in one pass. Test results show
the use of Twister pads can improve results further and even restore neglected floors.

Safer & more ergonomic: With its safe parking position, low handle weight and
convenient transport mode the swingo 250 Micro is so simple to use. The foot operated
brush and squeegee levers means no bending over and the parking mode means the
machine can be safely positioned if unattended.

Superior water pickup: Even the best wet mopping systems leave an unsafe level of
water residue. Wet floors mean high risk of slip fall. A powerful digital vacuum motor
ensures up to 65% more soiled water is recovered. The swingo 250 Micro ’s curved
squeegee ensures water is safely funnelled centrally and vacuumed efficiently leaving
floors safely clean and dry.

Productivity (m2/hr) 1,320
Working width (cm) 44
Squeegee width (cm) 52
Solution tank (L) 2.2
Recovery tank (L) 3
Solution flow (ml/min) 70-330
Coverage per tank (maximum) 682 / 7,341
Battery capacity/autonomy 1 battery (mins) 60-80
Battery capacity/autonomy 2 battery (mins) 160
Battery recharge time (hrs) 1 (80%)
Battery recharge time (hrs) 2 (100%)
Coverage per charge (m2 2150
Nominal consumption (Watts) 500
Rated voltage (V) 37v
Brush rotation speed (rpm) 140
Pad pressure (g/cm2 20.10
Machine weight empty w/out batteries (kg/lb) 21 / 46.3
Machine weight empty with batteries & water (kg/lb) 25 / 55.1
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 450x520x1200
Sound pressure level (dB(A) ≤68.5
Vibration Level ( m/s2 HAV ≤2.5
Approvals IPX3