Actichem Window Cleaner - High Performance Glass and Window Cleaner

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Actichem Window Cleaner is a fast-action, VOC free, streak-free glass cleaner that delivers brilliantly clean glass and smooth surfaces effortlessly. Hypoallergenic formula is ideal for allergy sufferers.

• Hypoallergenic. VOC free. 2-Butoxyethanol free.
• Streak free shine
• Easy to use and totally safe on all surfaces.
• Drys quickly & incorporates technology that makes cleaning next time, easier.

Availability: 5L, 750ml bottle spray

Features and Benefits:

✔ Fast Drying – Window Cleaner’s use of carefully selected alcohols and solvents provides rapid evaporation for easy cleaning action.

✔ Non Smear Results – New polymeric chemistry provides outstanding cleaning action with total non-smear results.

✔ Versatile – Also ideal for use as a multi-task spray-on-wipe-off hard surface cleaner.

✔ Tough on Grime – Window Cleaner contains emulsifiers effective in the removal of grease and oily deposits.

✔ Pleasant to Use – Window Cleaner is an ultra- low VOC, hypoallergenic formula and is complimented with a subtle fragrance.

Application Areas:

Suitable for the cleaning of windows, glass facades, marble and granite, on both domestic and commercial buildings.

Use as Spray ‘n Wipe for melamine, glass, decorative stone and stainless steel working tops and equipment in kitchens, restaurants, hotels etc.