Actichem Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Sanitizer

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Actichem Toilet Bowl Cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, leaving toilets and urinals with a fresh scent and a unique micro-film which helps the surface to repel soiling between cleans.

Not only does Toilet Bowl Cleaner remove stains, but it also removes rust and hard water staining.

It is a biological product designed to digest organic waste at the source of odour, significantly reducing the build-up of uric acid scale. Replaces bad bacteria with beneficial good microbes.

✔ Cleans, refreshes & eliminates organic waste.
✔ Removes difficult stains easily and kills germs in hard to reach spaces.
✔ Works fast and destroys bad odours.
✔ Contains “Stay-Clean” technology to help surfaces repel dirt.
✔ Powerful germ killing action.
✔ Environmentally friendly, Septic safe.
Available in 5L and 750ml.

Application Areas:Cleaning of toilets and urinals