Actichem Airfresh Spray Ultimate Odour Control Spray

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Actichem Airfresh Spray is an ultimate odour control spray powered by the innovative Elimotech chemistry for rapid neutralization of mal-odours both airborne and on surfaces. Proven chemistry for destroying airborne viruses and microorganisms.

Elimotech neutralizes mal-odours at a micro-molecular level enabling quick and permanent elimination of trapped, embedded and air-borne odours.

✔ Will not damage surfaces
✔ Continues to work for up to 2 hours after use.

Available in 750ml and 5L.

Features and Benefits:

✔ A complete solution – Elimotech reacts instantly with mal-odour compounds, creating an inert, non-reversible molecule for permanent eradication. It does not absorb or mask mal odours.

✔ Professional odour neutralising technology – This patented formula works by odour-pairing on a molecular level.

✔ Sophisticated chemistry – The Airfresh Spray formulary is based on the Elimotech essential oils and enhanced with proven aerial disinfection chemistry in a volatile, polar solvent base which provides high level odour neutralization in an easy-to-use format.

✔ Wide application – Formulated for eradicating the stench of rotting organics, human and animal waste and mal-odours caused by fire activity.

✔ Surface safe – Airfresh Spray is safe to use on virtually all water cleanable hard surfaces, carpets, fabrics and garments.

✔ Fresh Residual Scent – Deodorises the treated area with a fresh replacement scent to reset the olfactory senses.

Airfresh Spray is an enzyme based odour control product for aerial spray.

Airfresh Spray is a performance blend of Elimotech essential oils and volatile, polar solvents which lends itself to numerous easy-to-use applications.

Primarily it is used as a stand-alone aerial room spray for misting with a trigger spray or pressure sprayer.

Excellent for localized areas too small for fogging equipment or areas where minimum residue is desired.

Ideal for use in a spray n wipe application on smooth surfaces including appliances and household items.

Used to great effect for injecting into cushions, upholstery, carpeting and soft surfaces to assist with the permanent eradication of mal-odours caused by food & beverage spills, urine, mould or smoke.

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