Actichem Spray and Wipe Multi-Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser

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Actichem Spray and Wipe is an environment friendly, germ destroying, streak free multi-purpose cleaner.  An Innovative combination of new technology, naturally derived ingredients which  provide a no-compromise, high performance cleaner degreaser.

This impressive environmentally sensitive technology enables you to achieve top-class cleaning results with a solution which is totally safe and user friendly and will not damage the substrate being cleaned

✔ Destroys germs and neutralises odours.
✔ Versatile and easy-to-use.
✔ Surfaces stay clean and repel dirt.
✔ Cleans, refreshes and eliminates organic waste.
✔ Boosted with Elimotech enzyme technology to continue cleaning after your work is done.

Availability: 5Lt & 750ml

Application Areas:

Spray & Wipe is ideal for all hard surfaces, including walls and floors. It is suited for use in a spray bottle or mop bucket. Regular use eliminates the need to use harsh, deep clean chemicals.